Modes of learning and accessibility #ONL212 Topic 5

Learning about Elmore’s four modes of learning in Levälahti (2021) and Meilleur (2020), I get a feeling that one of these modes is considered dated and unfunctional. The top left quadrant (hierarchical/individual) is described as a ”competitive system” and the readers are supposed to analyze where we are and where we want to go (inFortsätt läsa “Modes of learning and accessibility #ONL212 Topic 5”


Meitheal – a note on collaboration in postdigital times

In times past, for hard cultivation work – planting, growing, ploughing and harvesting- you needed your neighbours. Saving hay, turf cutting, crops or any complex labour-intensive farming work relied on a community response to be successfully completed. This collective response is known in Irish as a meitheal. Neighbours reciprocated to one other’s social need, and …