Community learning

Trying out various different tools for collaboration on-line has been very enlightening so far; partly because I have been (and am) very ignorant of all the tools available today, partly because the exercises and our group collaborations have illustrated in a very concrete way how we think about, sort and present information. Another bonus forContinue reading “Community learning”


Work Packet 1

?WHY?I have decided to sign up for the Open Networked Learning Course….. WHY WHY WHYWell…… A friend-colleague of mind did the course and said she it stretched her as she needed to learn many new things. She is a spatial statistician….. so it m…

Open or closed?

MOOC: SWOT Analysis

There are two types of governments; one is dictatorship, and another is democratic.There are two sets of people in expressing the views; one is introvert, and another is extrovert.There are two methods of operating systems; one is closed, and another is open-sourced.There are two types of software; one is proprietary, and another is open-sourced.There areContinue reading “MOOC: SWOT Analysis”

Sesame, open!

Who doesn´ t want openness – openness and transparency and sharing and collaboration! Of course, most of us do, and in education as well. There isn´ t much to be said against sharing and discussing. Last week, I was looking for evidence-based papers on open education resources, in particular in the medical education sector. IContinue reading “Sesame, open!”