First post

#ONL201 It all began on Feb 24, 2020 ……This is my first blog post  😊I was really excited to start on this learning journey. It has been a few years since I formally joined a  course of this length. Further, this is a unique setting for me…

Reflections on Open Networked Learning Course

Prior expectations: Thanks to our facilitators Sandeep and Karin at LTU, they briefed about structure and format of the new way of learning course. After reading through ONL website and orientation, I had few expectations; to learn about new way of learning method of problem based learning with emphasis on collaboration and openness from differentContinue reading “Reflections on Open Networked Learning Course”

Facilitator Support in an Online Course

It is interesting the role that a facilitator has in an online course.  I often wonder to what extent the facilitator should engage in the facilitation…do you guide the knowledge construction to the point that you are steering the learners, or d…