The times they are a-changin’ – So we must change with them

Zoom’s catchphrase is ‘we deliver happiness’ because sustainable happiness comes from making other people happy (Zoom Video Communications, 2021). Some of us may laugh at this because Zoom has certainly given us headaches alongside this so-called happiness! How many times have we said some version of this in the last two years – ‘can youContinue reading “The times they are a-changin’ – So we must change with them”

Topic 4: design for online and blended learning

The forth topic started with an inspiring seminar with Martin Weller. He shared his long experience of making online courses at Institute of Educational Technology at the UK Open University. He talked about different aspects of course design and shared tips and tools for how to get the learning process active. The UK Open UniversitiesFortsätt läsa “Topic 4: design for online and blended learning”

Topic 5 Lessons learnt – Future practise

ONL has changed my perspective of learning and teaching, if you looked at Elmore’s modes of learning framework and his four quadrants – Individual, Collective, Hierarchical and Distribute. Try to combine them and your alternatives as a teacher are endless (but follow the syllabus). My experience of organizations/employers are that if you want to implementFortsätt läsa “Topic 5 Lessons learnt – Future practise”

Topic 4: Assessing with ABC

To grasp online teaching, I have always taken a detour through what I already know, that is, physical teaching (and sometimes flipped classroom). This has unfortunately made online teaching a substitute or replacement rather than a form of teaching in …


Design for online and blended learning

Everyone can relate to the feeling of having a teacher who has ruined the joy of learning by being authoritarian or downright mean. This can certainly sometimes relate to the personal chemistry between teacher-student. Alternatively the teacher is authoritarian in his professional practice to control a group of students. The teaching role has traditional beenFortsätt läsa “Design for online and blended learning”


Topic 4 Reflection

Blind of own thoughts – Dazzled by consciousness returning In my workplace we often used blended learning (pre-recorded videos, quizzes, lectures with teacher in room/by link, practical exercises, seminars, individual/group exam, verbal/written exam and so on) and I like it because I think it reflects a professional nurse work. An example: “Based on a learning,Fortsätt läsa “Topic 4 Reflection”