Topic 4: Assessing with ABC

To grasp online teaching, I have always taken a detour through what I already know, that is, physical teaching (and sometimes flipped classroom). This has unfortunately made online teaching a substitute or replacement rather than a form of teaching in …


Design for online and blended learning

Everyone can relate to the feeling of having a teacher who has ruined the joy of learning by being authoritarian or downright mean. This can certainly sometimes relate to the personal chemistry between teacher-student. Alternatively the teacher is authoritarian in his professional practice to control a group of students. The teaching role has traditional beenFortsätt läsa “Design for online and blended learning”


Topic 4 Reflection

Blind of own thoughts – Dazzled by consciousness returning In my workplace we often used blended learning (pre-recorded videos, quizzes, lectures with teacher in room/by link, practical exercises, seminars, individual/group exam, verbal/written exam and so on) and I like it because I think it reflects a professional nurse work. An example: “Based on a learning,Fortsätt läsa “Topic 4 Reflection”