Topic 5 Lessons learnt – Future practise

ONL has changed my perspective of learning and teaching, if you looked at Elmore’s modes of learning framework and his four quadrants – Individual, Collective, Hierarchical and Distribute. Try to combine them and your alternatives as a teacher are endless (but follow the syllabus). My experience of organizations/employers are that if you want to implementFortsätt läsa “Topic 5 Lessons learnt – Future practise”


Topic 4 Reflection

Blind of own thoughts – Dazzled by consciousness returning In my workplace we often used blended learning (pre-recorded videos, quizzes, lectures with teacher in room/by link, practical exercises, seminars, individual/group exam, verbal/written exam and so on) and I like it because I think it reflects a professional nurse work. An example: “Based on a learning,Fortsätt läsa “Topic 4 Reflection”


Topic 1

Before and After When I participated in the webinar with David White & Jörg Pareigis October 6 I made my own survey. After watching David White´s YouTube video about Visitors & Residents my survey looked very different. See pictures above. I have checked the web and discovered that many people who are scientists or haveFortsätt läsa “Topic 1”


ONL Topic 1

I want to be more flexible as a teacher and use digital tools in my teaching. I wonder that too, feel like a student again and have trouble seeing the path that leads to the goal. I´m not giving up yet😊

Om mig

I work as a university lecturer. Person-centered care, personal development and meeting people are my areas of interest. In my free time I like to Read (books), Watch (movies, series, programs, nature), Listen (podcasts, music) and Sleep?!. When I’m not still, I like movement, exercise and spending time with those I like.