This week I have been moderator together with J. This assignment was a challenge for me and it was important to me that I carry my fair share of the workload and not be a social loafer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social loafing

The moderator’s idea was to give the group an assignment that included collaborative learning both as a Topic and in the group. We want the group to collaborate instead of working individually. We moderators discuss what can frame collaboration and J come up with an idea that we should have assigned roles based on the article Capdeferro, N. & Romero, M. (2012). Are online learners frustrated with collaborative learning experiences? The International review of research in open and distance learning, 13(2), 26-44.

Your team should assign one role to each member:
• Communications and conflicts. What methods and how effective
• Participation in ideation and decisions. Is everyone included?
• Shared goals. Does everyone understand them the same way?
• Shared commitment. Is everyone doing what they agreed to do?
• Progress/timekeeping/summarizing.

Since I am not so used to speak English, my baptism of fire became when I should present the task for the group and my partner got prevented to join. But we have contact before to clarify and after we have some debriefing. Thanks J. Thanks group for being patient and always ready to help. The result the group present to us yesterday CIMP. Keep an eye out for PNL 11 presentation at ONL!

After these weeks of Topic 3 we moderators learned:
• Be clear how the TASK relates to the TOPIC (its relevance)
• Do an introductory Q&A or example
• For a new team, template the problem – with stimulus questions or challenges
• Be clear about the assigned roles and what these roles require
• Be clear how much self-determination / initiative we expect
• ‘Teacher presence’. Do the moderators visit the team pages? What kind of dialogue happens between team and moderators?
• Don’t assume that the instructions are clear
Brindley, J., Blaschke, L. M. & Walti, C. (2009). Creating effective collaborative learning groups in an online environment. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 10(3).

When I listened to Kay Oddone PLNs Theory and Practice, I started to think on my own situation. I am a member of various groups online both that are of interest to me professionally but also personal, but I seldom interact. My next step to develop this is to build a Professional identity/portfolio on the web. I looked at Kay Oddone portfolio and how it can be done. I must see if my profile in Linkedin still is active?? I think I create an account for many years ago, but I don’t know if I be able to log in – maybe it’s time to update? In the future, I hope I’m ready for twitter, keep on blogging, have willingness to share, be open and simply develop my online participation.

Topic 3 Baptism of fire