Just now I am in a process of launching this new website Sångshyttan Art. One part of what I want to offer is online courses in sustainable leadership connected to food. To do this I need to learn more about how to offer both digital and on-site courses. How do I reach out to prospective

Why continuous feedback from students to teachers is a win-win

Feedbacks are useful to rethink activities and improve the effects of our actions. For an effective teaching-and-learning process, it is important that feedbacks that are given by students and teachers work in both directions. Dec 10, 2020 A teacher enters a classroom and sits at the chair in front of the blackboard. There are 5Continua a leggere “Why continuous feedback from students to teachers is a win-win”

Topic 2 – Thoughts on product design – the open course case

The most important educational product that a faculty develops is a course. We might develop various teaching materials independent of courses but the course is the primary component of university education, which is the chief occupation of the faculty. Alas, it is often a lonely development and not too seldom an ad hoc activity. When […]