Blending into online learning – streaming an extended epistemology

Surprising, rich and frustrating This one-line learning journey focusing on collaborative and blended learning possibilities through a problem-based learning approach has been both surprising, rich and frustrating. It has broadened my perspectives on what is possible to do in terms of using a range of technically mediating programs and tools, and a deeper sense ofFortsätt läsa “Blending into online learning – streaming an extended epistemology”

The last blog

Dear ONL211, this is my last blog. Such a joyful journey I have had together with the group Strange Crochet. We have been a diverse group, facing the challenges of the course in a very innovative way. Through the images and metaphors, we have used there is a possibility that we will remember the learning

Teaching evaluations

It doesn’t cease to amaze me how different teaching requirements can be at various universities across countries, but also within the same country. Faculty appointments, and evaluations of faculty members for the next career step usually includes some sort of evaluation of their teaching. Often, this is on the basis of written documents, or a […]