The Power (and Challenges) of Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is seen as a valuable approach that promotes critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the development of 21st-century skills such as communication, teamwork, and adaptability. As a university teacher for more than twenty years, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible benefits of collaborative learning. It’s not always easy to implement, but when done right, it […]

In the Open wide space…

As visitors or residents (White & Le Cornu, 2011), every day, we are faced with an immense open space of information through internet access. There are numerous opportunities to access resources to learn about something of interest. The challenge is to select trustworthy content from the available options. Of course, each one interests depend on […]


OPENNESS and SUPPORT   The second lap of our ONL  journey has got us thinking more about what it means to be open, and whether we can really keep our private and professional lives separate.  In my fantastic PBL group Take V, I think we have managed to establish an atmosphere of trust so that […]

Topic 2 – Embracing Open Learning and Nurturing Belonging

In the realm of open learning, the ethos of sharing and openness serves as a guiding principle, shaping the dynamics of collaborative knowledge exchange and fostering a sense of belonging within learning communities. Reflecting on my experience within a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) group in the Open Networked Learning (ONL) community, I’ve come to realize the […]

Embracing the Digital Shift: Navigating the Complexities of Online Teaching and Learning

Embarking on our journey with ONL24 has proven to be an enlightening experience, particularly as we delve into the complexities of online participation and digital literacies. The discussions within our group have been rich with diverse perspectives, reflecting the varied experiences and challenges faced by educators worldwide. The pandemic period forced a rapid transition to […]