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Go from “me” to “you” to “us”

This is just a short reflection in progress… Sharing some thoughts that are floating at the moment about the idea of openness and socially inclusive education. The need to have tools and frameworks that promote cooperation/co-producing, one’s voice to be heard, etc. is crucial. But it is more about the attitude of the educator that […]

Topic 1 reflection – how to be active?

We have in our PBL-group chosen to investigate how to become more active on social media and/or in online learning – to be more residential. I have sent out on Twitter in the #ONL222 community and another # community about how to get started and become more active on social media – be more resident […]



Welcome to my first reflection on digital literacy. it was really interesting to read about visitors and residents of digital literacy conceptualization by watching David white’s video and online seminar. When it comes to describing my relationship with digital, I see myself as more residence as my social visibility is highlighted when I post on […]

Where am I… in the digital space?

Apparently I am a user of digital tools and social media, but there seem to be a focus on using them in my work or learning (both professional and personal). After watching the videos and attending todays webinar my view is that I like using digital tools, but that I am not so frequent in […]

How to begin collaborate in a new group online

I have facilitated learning groups for a long time, but on-line it is, maybe not more difficult, but it is at least different. How do you get all people connected from all over the world, sharing and learning together? If you are in the same room at the same time there are some frames already […]

ONL day 1 – commencement of a journey

What do I think after the first meeting in this course? Hm. First and foremost that we’re a nice and diverse bunch of people with everyone seemingly eager to learn from each other. That’s a good start! Additionally, that it’s going to be useful to be open-minded and that it’s more than ok to be […]

Welcome to your new website on Sola!

NB! This is an example of a post.  You have two options with this post: Keep – and make it your own. Start editing this post by clicking on the Edit button at the top. You can now edit the post by adding blocks. You should also change the Permalink of the post (you’ll find […]