Topic 5: The future of learning

I mentioned earlier the HarvardX course I studied last year, it actually became a part of this course as well. It was the Leaders of Learning, including the Modes of Learning from Prof. Elmore. This course put a nice framework to different kinds of learning, and also looking into the future, actually slighly foreboding the […]

Topic 4: Blended/hybrid learning environments

In this topic we had a great deal of discussions over how to design modules of blended learning, focusing on the students experience. Some teaching is of course best teached face to face, and must remain like this. Discussions among people who dont know or trust each other for instance. But some parts actually work […]

Topic 3: Engaging in Collaborations

As teaching has been conducted online last year, most teachers have been asking themselves: “How do I engage the students?” and “How can I make the collaborate online?” This is a very hard topic, and many teachers have worked hard on this, with divided results on most cases. Our dicussions in the group where of […]


Topic 2: Open learning

The online teaching has one strong possibility in teaching: Openness. For me, when the pandemic hit, already the second week I was inscribed in several online courses, including one very interesting course on leadership in teaching environments from Harvard University. It was actually for HarvardX, the platform for MOOC, Massive Open Online Courses, where thousans […]

Topic 1: Online and Digital Literacies

The pandemic put all our teaching online for a prolonged time. This enormous change of education put a thousands of challenges, and made teachers all over the globe to rethink their ways of teaching. Now, one and a half year later, all teachers have actually done it. We did put teaching in online setting, for […]

Networked collaborative learning

During topic 3 we were reflecting on how we can make students learning improve using group work and collaboration assignment. I have to say that “my” group is reallt creative and during the first meetings we came up with a lot of different ideas and angels on the topic. To try and struvture the contributions […]

Feels a bit empty

Life is full of meetings with new people and it always feels a bit sad when you split up and continue in life. It is amazing how technology makes it possible to form distributed groups and will I honestly miss my PBL group and our weekly meetings. During out last week we were asked to […]

Reflecting on the reflections

The type of reflections that was required for the ONL course have been quite different from my disorganized and ad-hoc reflections that I normally make. In ordinary cases, I constantly reflect on my teaching and development of courses. When I talk to colleagues, when I watch documentaries, scroll on social media or before, during and […]


Reflection 5: Final thoughts and the future

After several weeks of learning collaboratively in the PBL group, the course has finally come to an end. The ride was demanding, time-consuming, and required considerable effort. Nevertheless, the knowledge and experience obtained are invaluable and priceless. The activities and discussions were generally well organized. I admired the level of engagement and diversity of the […]