Openness as a teacher

I want to highlight one of his thoughts about how openness in education can affect our human capacity and brain. So important to acknowledge this, especially for me, cause I am always “trigging” on new online techniques and tools, new ideas on how to learn online etc.

Maybe next year

March 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic has shocked the world, and in Sweden, schools are beginning to move from the physical classrooms to digital learning environments. I am told to cancel all physical meetings at work, and to only schedule online teaching with my university students. Keep an open mind, we’re told – find new solutions,… Continue reading Maybe next year


There are many perspectives of openness, and the concept often relates to connectivity and free access to material when we discuss openness in the virtual space. An open access learning community often gives acessibility to material and knowledge without charge, and there are benefits from learning together in online collaboration. There is also a sense… Continue reading Openness



Rightio, this is was an inspiring task – David White´s concept of mapping online tools to to different axes. One is describing the Visitor-Resident component, and the other is concerned with the amount of Personal versus Institutional engagement. Quite fun. I added a color scheme, where Blue represents a public presentation of the content, whereasContinue reading “Visitor_Resident_Personal_Institutional”