First subject handed in

Today our group finished the work that begun with scenario 1. The scenario described the anxiety a teacher could have as a beginner of online teaching. During our fist meeting we had brainstorming of how we should proceed. We came up a lot of very different ideas and decided to think about how to do […]

The fallacy of nativeness

Prensky’s (2001) dichotomy of Digital Natives and Immigrants suggests that those born and nurtured in the digital age have an inherent ability to function within and understand this world. Conversely, those individuals not socialised within this world from a young age are never able to achieve complete proficiency in their access to and skill with […]

Attending first week’s meeting!

Actually I am still amazed by the possibilities opened by technology. Even though I have been using Zoom a lot during the pandemic I am impressed the our group distributed over several continents can come together live to discuss and share experiences not only professional but also personal. This way we are already after two […]

Welcome to your new website on Sola!

NB! This is an example of a post.  You have two options with this post: Keep – and make it your own. Start editing this post by clicking on the Edit button at the top. You can now edit the post by adding blocks. You should also change the Permalink of the post (you’ll find […]

Topic 4: Pondering upon “Design for online and blended learning”

This was the scenario: “ A year ago we were forced to work online with the implementation of emergency remote teaching and learning because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It seems that in many instances we may still be approaching our teaching practice in the same way without using any of the existing theoretical models forContinue reading “Topic 4: Pondering upon “Design for online and blended learning””


Topic 3: Learning about “Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”

(June 13, a very late blogger catching up finally!) Now this was a greatly inspiring topic, not the least as I had the opportunity to collaborate with Nadia Caldes in the PBL group – acting as “leads” for this particular topic during the run of two weeks. As a lead we were to design bothContinue reading “Topic 3: Learning about “Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning””

Moving forward

One of my teacher training courses over ten years ago included reflecting on Hattie’s theory of visible learning as well as many other pedagogical perspectives. In student groups, we discussed the importance of teachers seeing learning through the eyes of students and various approaches to empowering students to take ownership of their own learning. There… Continue reading Moving forward