And now, for something completely different…

Final reflections Journey. Ride. Rollercoaster. These are the words that keep being used when we discuss this course in my PBL group. There is no doubt about it. ONL221 provided me with a course experience like nothing I have ever experienced before. Learning by doing. For real. One thing I have certainly learned is how […]

The world out there I had no idea about

Reflections on Topic 4: Learning design Every topic in this course has provided me with “wow-moments”. I have realised many new things. But none as much as Topic 4. Much of what we have covered earlier in the course came together here, with new perspectives on how to plan, implement, and evaluate courses. During this […]

A network is not the same as a community

Reflections on Topic 3: Learning in communities – Networked collaborative learning Have we not always been told the importance of networking? If we connect to people and start cooperating we can create networks that make us successful. A win-win situation for all involved, right? Little did I realise that when looking a little deeper, networks […]

Open is not the opposite of private

Reflections on Topic 2: Open Learning – sharing & openness Learning from materials that others share online is inspiring, fun, and time saving. Both for professional teaching and privately. I happily share my materials with colleagues and friends. However, open sharing of materials I produce to strangers online is not anything that I have really […]

Planning the student journey

Reflection on topic 4: Design for online and blended learning.

This blog post describes my thoughts about topic four; design for online and blended learning. As written in my last blog post, designing meaningful assignments for online learning has been challenging in my department during the pandemic. This spring, we have been moving back to campus, with mixed feelings from teachers and students, many students […]


The intimidating B-word

Blog. Why is this B-word filling me with such anxiety? A 400 word “personal reflection” feels like a piece of cake. A blog post, on the other hand, sounds such a challenge. Rather awful. I must try to understand why, because it does not make sense. I enjoy writing, it comes natural to me. I […]