AI-empowered Blended Learning  

Reflection on Topic 4: Design for online and blended learning Joanne Kuai   One of the biggest takeaways from the COVID-19 pandemic in higher education is that flexibility needs to be built into our pedagogical approaches. Blended learning as an educational approach that integrates traditional face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning activities (Boelens, De […]

Lifelong learning brown bag webinar @VW

Today, I gave a short webinar for electrical engineers of Volkswagen AG in Germany on the topic of lifelong learning with the help of personal learning networks (PLNs). Here are my slides and below the links to the online resources. Lifelong learning – Wikipedia Personal learning network – Wikipedia The Difference Between Emergency Remote Teaching […]

Building Critical Learning Communities

Reflection on Topic 3: Learning in Communities Joanne Kuai The benefits of engaged pedagogy and learning in communities have been widely acknowledged, as human beings is a social person in a social world, and in relation to participation, the social and the individual constitutes each other (hooks, 2010; Wenger, 2010). In building a learning […]

OEglobal23 presentations

In October, I had the opportunity to participate in the Oeglobal23 conference in Edmonton, Canada. More on this shortly, but here my presentations in the meantime. Have Open Educational Resources finally arrived in Swedish Higher Education? Have Open Educational Resources finally arrived in Swedish Higher Education? from Jörg Pareigis ONL – A global cross institutional […]

Open Educational Practices in the Age of AI

Reflection on Topic 2: Open Learning – Sharing and Openness   Joanne Kuai   This work is licensed via CC BY 4.0   Open education practices (OEP) involve open education resources, open teaching and learning processes and open research and scholarly practices that incorporate some key principles such as accessibility, flexibility, shareability, affordability, innovation and […]

Navigating the online learning world

Reflection on Topic 1: Online Participation & Digital Literacies Joanne Kuai When I first started teaching as a first-year doctoral student, covid struck. I had envisioned myself as a teacher greeting those young and radiant faces of the Swedish and international youth in the classroom, walking around the lab, answering students’ questions on the […]

Design for Online and Blended Learning

Online and blended learning provide flexibility in terms of time, location, and pace of learning. Designing courses with a user-centric approach ensures accessibility for diverse learners, accommodating their individual needs and preferences. Promoting active learning experiences in online and blended environments requires intentional instructional design. Incorporating interactive elements, multimedia resources, and collaborative activities engages learners […]

Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

Learning in communities provides a platform for individuals to engage in a collective pursuit of knowledge. The exchange of ideas, perspectives, and experiences within a learning community creates a rich learning environment that fosters critical thinking, deep understanding, and active participation. By leveraging the diverse backgrounds and expertise of its members, a community can unlock […]

Open learning- Sharing and Openness Pros and Cons

Open learning, sharing, and openness lead to free and open access to educational resources and knowledge. Open learning refers to the idea that education should be open and accessible to all, regardless of social or economic status. This means that educational resources, such as textbooks, lectures, and other materials, should be freely available online. Open […]

Essential elements in digital literacy

For the first topic related to digital literacy, in group 7 we talked about the seven elements of digital literacy and how we as teachers can implement these elements in our teaching. The first element, media literacy, concerns about critically reading and creatively producing academic and professional communications in a range of media. For this […]