Open education is scary

The second week of the ONL course was quite interesting, both the scenario and all the discussions within the PBL group and other PBL groups. My PBL group talked a lot about open education as a tool for sharing documents between teachers but also to te…


The wicked problem to open education

Openness alone is not a virtue to better, improved education as it apart from benefits, entails risks as well. However, if combined and negotiated with different aspects it could lead to free, easily-to-access and flexible knowledge. In my view to open education and openness in general, I would like take a different approach, not only […]

Filter-bubbles and academics trying to make their voices heard

Reflecting on the purpose of making an effort to open up education I came to think about another important aspect. Today more than ever, the quality of information and knowledge is key to a functional democratic society. Online there is an abundance of information. Information that has been created for various reasons. Lobbyists, political groups, […]