We have in our PBL-group chosen to investigate how to become more active on social media and/or in online learning – to be more residential.

I have sent out on Twitter in the #ONL222 community and another # community about how to get started and become more active on social media – be more resident – about contributing to discussions, learning, etc. #residentONL

With that, I have also tried to be more active… so – I will see how that goes. Learning by doing – right!?

My experience from earlier being on Twitter is that it takes a lot of time to get response. If any… If you don’t have a schedule tweetchat. Then there is more action. And that’s my point… it takes time, maybe need to schedule and what do I get out of it? Well, it might vary.

It’s bothering me – that, all the time, I want to check if someone has answered. It is my curiosity… I need discipline – not to get stuck waiting for answers… Have you also found yourself just starring at the Tweetdeck? Like with other things that can distract you from being focused on your work, a task, etc. Set aside some time for it or just ignore it – what’s the point anyway if no one respond to you? Chose a “shallow time” to check and answer, etc. For med that is in the afternoon. But how does that work if you are connected with people around the world? Do all of the responses or discussions contribute to what my questions are, my purpose and my learning? But anyhow, I spend a lot of time reading if there would be something interesting there. If anyone reads this reflection – can you share your experience on how to become more “resident” on social media and/or on open learning platforms? #residentONL

Topic 1 reflection – how to be active?