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black and white come in we're open signage pinned on white bicycle with brown wicker basket at daytime

This is just a short reflection in progress… Sharing some thoughts that are floating at the moment about the idea of openness and socially inclusive education. The need to have tools and frameworks that promote cooperation/co-producing, one’s voice to be heard, etc. is crucial. But it is more about the attitude of the educator that needs to be thought about. Our awareness and attitude shape how we design and carry out education (in classes or on-line). What worldview (values, beliefs, assumptions, ideas) are behind the willingness or need in education to be open and socially integrated? An educator needs to reflect upon this and how that shapes the learning design and interaction with participants/students. We might take education to be open and inclusive for granted. When focus shifts from the educator to the learner and co-creation – something happens in what we do and how we use time and space. When we go from “me” to “you” to “us”. Below some links and tools:

To be continued…

Go from “me” to “you” to “us”