My previous online teaching/learning

During COVID time, we moved our teaching into online teaching/learning. I felt it was a big challenge to me. We had the teaching completely online in ZOOM, we also had the research meeting and department meeting in ZOOM. It was first time for me to have online course for students. It was very good I got a lot supports from my colleagues. We discussed what kinds of digital tools we can use for teaching.

Lectures: we recorded the lecture in Camtasia and modified the film (add different sounds or cut/add different slides inside the film). We posted the film in CANVAS, so the students can watch the film at their suitable time. We posted some questions related to film of lecture, so the students had some work or aim during watching the lecture films. We had padlet for students to ask questions, and for teachers to give helps (One good point is: if the other students have similar questions, they can see the answer or help from the teacher in padlet. So the teacher does not need to answer similar several times. It is very good for big class with 80-100 students).

Lesson: We used break room in Zoom for lesson, so small group students can discussion the questions together. They can ask help for teacher from the break room as well. Teacher can also join in different break room to see how the discussion goes on.

Sometimes we used Mentimeter to ask some questions from students. We can see the answer directly from the students, then we can see what kind of problems the students do not understand well.

Project work: I had project work with students in CFD simulation. The simulation files are very big, so the students can upload their CFD files into box (KAU box).

The students wrote a report in Google drive, they also share their presentation in there as well.

Others of online participation: I connected with my colleagues by email mostly, some by LinkedIn or Facebook.

Generally speaking, I am a visitor to digital world. However, as more and more young people use digital resource or are residence to the digital world, I (a teacher in university) should continue to add/learn new skills or knowledge for my digital work and life.

Now: I am taking this course ONL 2022 which is a good place for me to learn or share digital learning/teaching. We have group discussion, and the members in the group are from different subjects, different universities/countries.

Currently, I am learning how to work together or share work in group, how to share my blog, how to use twitter…

reflection of topic 1 online participation and digital literacies