Daring to be open: the best of the ONL

I started this week with a discussion in my group about the future of education. How would education look like in 10-20 years? I was excited to listen to my group since they are more involved in innovation and technology than me. We talk about a dream of open and accessible education where you could […]

Blended learning: losing the fear!

Many of my colleagues believe that blended learning is difficult, as it is had to design course content that provides the best opportunities for both only and face to face learning. I have entered this reflection with the aim to explore the possibilities. Step 1: Make a self-assessment I started by filling the “Community of […]

How to appreciate group work?

Within the framework of the topic connected with collaborative learning, our group decided to investigate how students perceive this topic and how we, as teachers, perceive it through research. More than 90% of students spoke positively about working in groups. This high number surprised me, but I compared it with other studies that reported similar […]

A simple Sandwich approach to collaborative learning

I was recently coordinating the final module of the thesis course at the bachelor’s in criminology at Lund University (RÄSA 02). Students need to write the thesis in groups of two, but many were against group work. The work was hybrid with  They explained that group work often took more time than individual work, contradicting […]

Learning in and through communities

Promoting learning in communities is a multifaceted process that requires careful consideration of various factors, such as the learning environment, participants’ characteristics, learning goals, and facilitation strategies. During our discussions, we…