Open to what?

While struggling to find an easier way to explain relatively complicated statistical concepts, I found an entire Youtube channel containing everything I wanted to explain – and more – presented in a manner that was much more straighforward and pedagogic compared to whatever material in could have created (for the curious nerds, here it is:Fortsätt läsa “Open to what?”

Show me what the Internet says about you, and I’ll tell you who you are…

Did you ever Google your name? If not, i strongly advise you to do it, every now and then. You might be surprised what you’ll find..for the better or worse;). Of course, what Google reveals about you is just a small part of what i chose to call ”footprint” – even if some might callFortsätt läsa “Show me what the Internet says about you, and I’ll tell you who you are…”


Key ONL Takeaways

1. Nuanced & positive understanding of professional digital interaction I’ve long recognized the difference between ability and use of online tools. The distinction between digital visitor and resident (White) helps to frame that discussion in terms of motivation rather than ability. The concept of the many different kinds of digital literacies (media literacy, information literacy, […]


Problem Based Learning Group Experience

It was my turn to be a co-leader for this topic and so I want to take a moment to reflect on the experience of being in a problem-based learning group. In short, what I loved about the PBL group experience was: Sense of community within group The single most important activity for building a […]


Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

Collaboration: so awarding and yet so difficult.. Collaborative work is encouraged and promoted in many environments. From all kinds of job advertisements, you undersand that people who are skilled and experienced in collaborative work and have a collaborative network are highly prioritized. Finding networks of collaboration within or across disciplines may be a way toContinue reading “Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”