Topic 1: Online participation & Digital literacy

Topic 1 in the ONL course was about online participation and digital literacy. Digital literacy could be seen as the needed skills for managing life in a world, increasingly digital (Belshaw, 2012). I have always been curious about new digital technology and appreciated the tools it gives us in our personal and professional life. I … Continue reading Topic 1: Online participation & Digital literacy

Topic 2: Openness and sharing (in relation to accessibility and possibility)

During this past week we have explored Topic 2: Open Learning – Sharing and Openness, and started to discuss and reflect upon a plethora of things. What does openness mean? Open as in uncensored, open as in putting material or resources out there for anyone and anywhere to find, or open as in answering questionsContinue reading “Topic 2: Openness and sharing (in relation to accessibility and possibility)”

Introduction week

Welcome to my blog about Open Networked Learning!This autumn I have recently started a course in Open Networked Learning, ONL212.Here on this blog you will be able to follow my work and reflections during the course.This first week is mainly about conn…