The title of this blog post was the first thing that came to mind while reflecting on this whole journey. It has been an amazing experience, totally different from everything that I have experienced before, and thus totally rewarding. I have definitely grown as an individual in terms of personal learning, and a lot of […]


Topic 4  Design for online and blended learning 

Group work  Collaboration and group-work are used frequently in traditional, online and blended learning. Therefore my refection in this topic is about group work.  Educational research has shown that group work has many benefits such as positive impact on long-term material retention, critical thinking, and communication skills (Benson et el., 2019). Research also shows that … Fortsätt läsa ”Topic 4  Design for online and blended learning ”

Modes of learning and accessibility #ONL212 Topic 5

Learning about Elmore’s four modes of learning in Levälahti (2021) and Meilleur (2020), I get a feeling that one of these modes is considered dated and unfunctional. The top left quadrant (hierarchical/individual) is described as a ”competitive system” and the readers are supposed to analyze where we are and where we want to go (inFortsätt läsa “Modes of learning and accessibility #ONL212 Topic 5”


Retention and Presence – is there a correlation?

When going through topic 4 (design for online and blended learning) many of our discussions focused on different types of presence and retention. We came to realize the importance of defining the context before planning and designing a course or activities within a course. When planning blended or online learning strategies, variation is a keyContinue reading “Retention and Presence – is there a correlation?”