Topic 4: Design for online and blended learning

  In collaborating with my PBL group to design an introductory online blended course using the ABC learning method, I gained valuable insights into the process of course design and the effective integration of different teaching approaches. Through our discussions and brainstorming sessions, I learned the importance of aligning the learning activities and assessment criteria […]

My Journey Through the Digital Shift

Reflecting on the challenges of online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, I realized that technological tools can be an asset but are not without obstacles. We tackled the assessment issue and the problem of determining individual contributions to group tasks. I’ve realized that while oral assessments can address this to an extent, they are not…

Reflection on ONL231 – Topic 3: Learning in Communities – Networked Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning can be viewed as a collection of different educational approaches involving joined intellectual effort by students and teachers together (Smith and MacGregor 1992). It is worth mentioning that traditional classroom activities, e.g., lecturing, listening, or note-taking do not disappear fully in collaborative learning. However, with the change the world has undergone in the […]


INDIVIDUAL REFLECTIONS FOR Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

Learning in communities can be considered a process of learning that takes place within a community or social group, which be informal or formal. In fact, learning in communities involves shared experiences, ideas, and perspectives.     Learning in communities can occur through online discussion forums, social media platforms, or even in physical communities e.g. […]

From trying out FISh in a classroom to Nietzsche and becoming. Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

Trying the FISh-model The question in the scenario, “How can I get people to really recognize the value of becoming part of a learning community and experience the benefits of social learning?” is indeed intriguing and this course, ONL231, has helped me concerning this. I teach in an international master course, Research methods in Innovation […]