Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice

Exploring Digital Learning Landscapes: Navigating Education’s New Horizons In an era where technology has become an integral part of our lives, the way we learn and participate in educational spaces has undergone a profound transformation. During the course, it was possible to dig into four topics that enlighten the ever-evolving nature of education in the […]


Topic 4: Design for online and blended learning

Blended learning is an educational approach that combines traditional face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning activities. In a blended learning system, students have access to a range of digital resources and technologies that enhance their learning experience, while still having regular opportunities for interaction with their teacher and peers in a physical classroom. BLENDED LEARNING […]

Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

Learning in communities has evolved significantly in the modern educational landscape, propelled by the advent of networked collaborative learning. Ever noticed how learning can feel more exciting when you’re part of a group? Well, that’s the essence of learning in communities through networked collaborative learning.  It’s like teaming up with friends to solve a challenging […]

Topic 2: Sharing and openness

The Impact of Openness on Bridging Educational Digital Divides” by Andy Lane ( has been published in 2009 and the importance of openness in education was already dividing teachers. “Openness has been a feature of higher education for many decades, particularly through the establishment of open universities, although there remain debates about what openness means […]


Topic 1 – Digital Literacy

What is it about? This first topic deals with Digital literacy based on the following Scenario: “I have just signed up to do an online course and I am excited to be there. But I have little experience with online courses and it feels really challenging to get started to connect and find my way […]

Hej from Sweden (and from France)

Hej Hej, My name is Valentin, and I am coming from France (Toulouse). I arrived in Sweden at Mälardalen university in 2019 after my PhD dealing with nuclear safety, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer. I continue in a postdoc also in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer. Shortly I am making and studying bubbles in many […]