Hej Hej,

My name is Valentin, and I am coming from France (Toulouse). I arrived in Sweden at Mälardalen university in 2019 after my PhD dealing with nuclear safety, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer. I continue in a postdoc also in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer. Shortly I am making and studying bubbles in many different conditions and forms. I have my experimental laboratory now where I can play with high-speed and infrared cameras to watch my bubbles in slow-motion and determine their behavior. Bubbles can be used as a cooling system or you can find them in unwanted conditions, and the understanding of how a bubble can exist is still on-going research.

I also enjoy sharing science with everybody and am part of the PintOfScience Team in Västerås since 2022.  Always fun to bring the research outside the university. I am also teaching at the university level in combustion and fluid mechanics.

Outside the university, I play some video games. I enjoy hiking and geocaching, and I always like to discover new cities (and their food).

Can’t wait to participate in future discussions, always curious to share experiences.

See you soon!

Hej from Sweden (and from France)