Summarizing reflection

For the summarizing reflection I have made some shorter reflections. Before embarking on them, my main reflection has been that this course has given me the opportunity to find a space where I actually can reflect and work together with others on topics I never have time to work on otherwise. My teaching, especially online, […]

Increasing interaction in online learning

Increasing interaction in my online courses is one of those topics that I keep thinking about. On one hand, I want my online and remote students engaged in the course because otherwise, they drop out or under-perform, but on the other hand, I also want to minimize the amount of interaction I have to put […]

The idea of openness is abstract…

I have found openness the most difficult topic to reflect on because it is so wide and abstract and at the same time concrete to my online teaching practice. The idea of openness is wide and abstract, because how could I even go about opening up courses? And what would it mean? In this course, […]

the sociomaterial community in learning

In the third topic ‘collaborating online’ was front and center. My first insight was that it can be difficult to change collaboration, get to know new people and find new ways forward after having settled into certain ways. With regard to my own practice, I make the reflection that collaborating online can be difficult and that […]


My experience : Open Learning Bingo

    OKP Learning Experience Bingo 2.0 Based on yo​​ur previous reflections and experience gained throughout the course, summarize and critically reflect on your learning and development. We would like to remind you that this reflection is mandatory if you want to receive your ONL certificate. You can use the questions below to guide your […]



My teaching experience during covid was also altered during covid19 and part of it moved online but not entirely as Sweden did not apply very strong measures as many other countries but it was definitely blended. In my case it was actually an advantage, since many of my courses require the active use of technology […]

…and so the story goes…

Topic 4 was again a walk down memory lane. It took me 12 years back on time when my former boss decided that, because of my training as a group facilitator and session moderator, or perhaps because of my well-known chutzpah to venture into uncharted territories, I might be able to design an online course […]


Motivation and Network

  I find that the technology can enable many collaborative networks in learning processes. However, these need to be tailored to the intent of the specific educational goals or practices that must be clearly established. Also the network should have both an individual and collective function. According to Wegner each community  “is engaged in the […]