Topic 3

In Topic 3 we have focused on collaborative learning. This topic and its scenario was the (so far!) most challenging task for our PBL group. And in a sense, that is illustrative.  We started off trying to understand just what is meant by collaborative learning, and a personal learning network. It requires communication and coordinationContinue reading “Topic 3”

ONL Topic 2

In topic 2, our team explored the use of Coogle (  to collaborate and prepare our presentation for our topic. Overall, i feel that there are so many take-away lessons from this collaborative process: Tools for collaborative learning Together with … Continue reading

What is a MOOC?

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course, and if you search the web for how a MOOC should be designed and what can be considered a MOOC you get many different opinions and definitions. Apparently, it is easy to confuse and consider many forms of online teaching with the concept of MOOC (e..g, to sound … Continue reading What is a MOOC?

Availability Problem

One of the issues in the move towards online education and use of digital platforms for teaching is with respect to the availability of the teachers. This is something that I have personally heard from different teachers that although digital education tools and platforms provide so many benefits, but on the flip side, they may … Continue reading Availability Problem

On digital literacy

Yes, literacy means traditionally capability of reading, but what about digital literacy? Is it just reading a digital text, like mobile version of newspaper? No, not really, since the reading is essentially the same regardless how the “ink” is printed – on paper or on a display. In the context of digital literacy the term … Continue reading “On digital literacy”

Topic 2

In these past couple of weeks the work in our PBL group has been focused on the advantages and disadvantages of open learning. In trying to think what openness means for my own practice, as teacher and learner, I realize that a) although I have taken steps in the direction of openness, my experience soContinue reading “Topic 2”

A word on corona

This blog is created for the Open Networked Learning course I am taking, and I intend to keep it on that topic. I will therefore mention the current corona virus situation only in that context; the pandemic has caused a rapid transition of all university and high school teaching to being online, and digital literacyContinue reading “A word on corona”