An immigrant with proper knowledge of grammar

This blog post actually treats two topics. The first one evolves around identity and the difference between private and personal. The second topic is about digital literacy, which I compare to being fluent within a language and knowing its grammar. Anyway, it turns out the two topics are related in such a way that writing […]

One reflection on the meaning of “digital literacy” and thinking about “collaborative participation” as a way of learning

Finally, after several years of studying collaborative participation while applying theories on communities of practice and situated learning, I ended up as a lab rat myself. I recently joined an online course on Open Networked Learning that, putting it mildly, challenges all conventional ways of thinking about learning. After a couple of days of reflection […]

Starting this blog

This blog was first aimed for sharing experiences on teaching in Sweden spanning from lower secondary to higher education. Currently a teacher at Karlstad University in Sweden, I intend to share some experiences picked up on the way to and at Karlstad university, starting with my working experience as a professional meteorologist and manager which […]