In the Open wide space…

As visitors or residents (White & Le Cornu, 2011), every day, we are faced with an immense open space of information through internet access. There are numerous opportunities to access resources to learn about something of interest. The challenge is to select trustworthy content from the available options. Of course, each one interests depend on […]


OPENNESS and SUPPORT   The second lap of our ONL  journey has got us thinking more about what it means to be open, and whether we can really keep our private and professional lives separate.  In my fantastic PBL group Take V, I think we have managed to establish an atmosphere of trust so that […]

Topic 2: Open Learning – Sharing and Openness

Part I: Is Open Education “real” education? I remember the first time I encountered a MOOC, way back in 2009, when I was starting my bachelor’s degree. It was Michael Sandel’s Justice: What’s The Right Thing To Do?. Not only was the course fantastic, but the idea that I could watch a class from Harvard […]


First Cerebration #ONL241

Upon learning that I would be part of this iteration I was really very excited. I get to learn new “things”, new technologies, new people (albeit being a bit of an introvert). There was a bit of uncertainty in the beginning – almost chaotic – but not really. If you get what I mean? Organised […]

How did I get here?!

I’m attending the ONL 241 course which is very challenging as I don’t have much available time (as many other people). But I’m finding it very interesting and useful! Last week I watched the recording of the webinar with David White which was very inspiring. David challenged the participants to draw a map of their […]