Topic 3  Collaboration – Working Together for Good

Topic 3, Learning in communities, kicked off with the webinar given by Kay Oddone, Learning in communities 2022-11-07. I also watched her YouTube video, PLNs Theory and Practice, part 1, in which Kay describes insights from her research on “teachers’ experience of professional learning through personal learning networks (PLNs).” I learnt about networked collaborative learning, the […]

Topic 2

Today more and more courses are given on the Web. The old personal interaction between teachers and students are disappearing. I feel that this is sad. If one has a course with hundreds of students a Web course is appropriate. The managers at universities are also often happy with web courses because one teacher can […]

Reflection for Topic 1: A Brave New Leap

I have always tried to keep up with technology in my teaching. When Word Perfect emerged in the 1980s for crafting documents, I learnt it. When email was required for correspondence with colleagues and students in the 1990s, I learnt it. Then the Microsoft applications of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. became the norm, so I […]

Topic I

I feel somewhat insecure when posting information on the web. The general rule that what you have posted, you can never take back, is still true.
When I study my trash mail, I can find emails that have been sent using information that I have had on the…

Topic I

When working with an online course or in an online environment one has often to work with a lot of tools. If the number of tools is too high the user often gets confused. Here are the 33 tools I use on a daily basis in my work. If I am enrolled on an online […]

And now, for something completely different…

Final reflections Journey. Ride. Rollercoaster. These are the words that keep being used when we discuss this course in my PBL group. There is no doubt about it. ONL221 provided me with a course experience like nothing I have ever experienced before. Learning by doing. For real. One thing I have certainly learned is how […]

The world out there I had no idea about

Reflections on Topic 4: Learning design Every topic in this course has provided me with “wow-moments”. I have realised many new things. But none as much as Topic 4. Much of what we have covered earlier in the course came together here, with new perspectives on how to plan, implement, and evaluate courses. During this […]

A network is not the same as a community

Reflections on Topic 3: Learning in communities – Networked collaborative learning Have we not always been told the importance of networking? If we connect to people and start cooperating we can create networks that make us successful. A win-win situation for all involved, right? Little did I realise that when looking a little deeper, networks […]