Sparking an exciting and full of opportunities learning journey …

With one day left of 2020 and the ONL202 course completed, in this post I look back to summarize and critically reflect on my learning and development thanks to the course. In a nutshell, it could be described in a few words – modelling practice, nudging, rewarding, fun, confidence, reflection. The most important experience fromContinue reading “Sparking an exciting and full of opportunities learning journey …”


Challenges when designing for online and blended learning

The key question that we faced during this topic in the course is how to organize and nurture a process to creating a meaningful learning experience. The answer was through community of inquiry (CoI) and its three interdependent presences – social, cognitive and teaching. Figure 1 visualizes the basic idea of this concept. Fiock (2020)Continue reading “Challenges when designing for online and blended learning”


Community of Inquiry and Online Learning

  Community of inquiry (Col) helps in designing and delivering online learning groups of individuals are involved in a process of empirical or conceptual inquiry into problematic situations. Col highlights three presences – the social presence, cognitive presence and teaching presence – which has been used a lot in the online learning context where theContinue reading “Community of Inquiry and Online Learning”

Collaborative learning_ How can its full potential really be achieved?

Before I had this session in the course, I have often mixed up the meaning of collaborative learning with that of corporative learning in the sense that I have seen them as one and the same. While discussing the meaning of this type of learning with my group members, it was clear to me thatContinue reading “Collaborative learning_ How can its full potential really be achieved?”

Personally valuable lessons learned during the ONL course

My initial reason to participate on ONL course was that…I had to. I need to perform different courses relating to teaching and pedagogy as part of my ‘teaching in higher education’ training that is mandatory for my lector’s position. ONL course was basically the only option that there was currently available in English and that’s … Continue reading “Personally valuable lessons learned during the ONL course”


The end, or a new beginning? – Lessons learnt in ONL202

At the beginning of ONL202 I was convinced that this journey would be an exciting one. It would become something that I would always remember. Now, after hours and hours of reading, listening, writing, discussing and preparing presentations, I can say that I’ve learnt a lot – all for which I owe special thanks toContinue reading “The end, or a new beginning? – Lessons learnt in ONL202”