Reflection on ONL231 – Topic 3: Learning in Communities – Networked Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning can be viewed as a collection of different educational approaches involving joined intellectual effort by students and teachers together (Smith and MacGregor 1992). It is worth mentioning that traditional classroom activities, e.g., lecturing, listening, or note-taking do not disappear fully in collaborative learning. However, with the change the world has undergone in the […]

Topic 3  Collaboration – Working Together for Good

Topic 3, Learning in communities, kicked off with the webinar given by Kay Oddone, Learning in communities 2022-11-07. I also watched her YouTube video, PLNs Theory and Practice, part 1, in which Kay describes insights from her research on “teachers’ experience of professional learning through personal learning networks (PLNs).” I learnt about networked collaborative learning, the […]

Topic 2

Today more and more courses are given on the Web. The old personal interaction between teachers and students are disappearing. I feel that this is sad. If one has a course with hundreds of students a Web course is appropriate. The managers at universities are also often happy with web courses because one teacher can […]

Reflection for Topic 1: A Brave New Leap

I have always tried to keep up with technology in my teaching. When Word Perfect emerged in the 1980s for crafting documents, I learnt it. When email was required for correspondence with colleagues and students in the 1990s, I learnt it. Then the Microsoft applications of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. became the norm, so I […]