Topic 3

This topic and the proposed idea for individual learning on an occasion, in which real collaborative learning took place made me think the time I was doing my master’s in Sweden at KTH.  Collaborative learning can be defined as “a teaching method that brings together students to discuss a topic important for a given course […]

Sorry I’m not home right now, I’m walking into spiderwebs…

“…so leave your message and I’ll call you back […] You’re intruding on what’s mine And you’re taking up my time Don’t have the courage inside me To tell you please let me be Communication, a telephonic invasion I’m planning my escape…” In 1995, Gwen Stefani crooned these lines, part of the song “Spiderwebs” allegedly […]

Topic 2

Previously I have come across to the concept of openness in relation to open science and open access. It was nice to see, how similar kind of thoughts were evoked. In relation to open access publishing, I had previously come across also the creative commons licenses that I at the time found quite difficult. Therefore, […]

The 1800 € pizza slice (a not so free creative common)

“Gin, where did you take this picture from?” the director’s voice was serious and worried. I looked at the picture shown on the screen, it was a photograph I took during the workshop referred to in the presentation, and so I declared. “Are you 100% sure?” insisted the director; of course I was sure! That […]

Topic 1

In this topic, the scenario made me to think about the relationship of confidence and capabilities in relation to digital technologies and their usage. Personally, I feel rather confident of my capabilities with digital tools and systems. I have grown up during the time that the evolution of digital tools has been rather fast, when […]

do we really want to move to the bottom-right quadrant?…

… particularly when we’re purposefuly opting out of the upper-right? (OK, better said: trying to steer clear from the right quadrant altogether) Let me explain, David White’s interesting representation of our lives online started with the continuum between visitor – resident, personal-professional matrix, bringing about very valid points about how we choose (?) to spend […]

…well, hello there

The last time I tried writting a blog was exactly 13 years ago, when I moved to Karlskrona, Sweden, and my friends – some of them sick of my incredibly long emails full of accounts of my life, thoughts and whatnots, kindly suggested creating a blog instead of… sending them kilometric emails they felt compelled […]

Sanibonani, hello, terve!

I know only a limited number of you will actually get to see this site, but for those who do – a warm welcome! My name is Craig Carlson and due to a lack of words, I will lift my introductory comments from the ONL discussions for the rest! A warm welcome to everyone attending! […]