Topic 5 – Lessons learnt and future practice

The learning experience from this course, and specifically the reflection on these topics, has made me think about the complexities, strengths and challenges of online networked learning in much more depth, as well as their related offline counterparts. What surprised me most was how much these topics were relevant for not only my pedagogical work,Continue reading “Topic 5 – Lessons learnt and future practice”

Topic 4 – The mixology of blended learning

All learning is blended, except when done entirely on one’s own. Learning blends classroom and homework, study groups with independent work. We alternate between the different learning contexts because they are beneficial and each one contributes something to the learning process for each student. The new component, if something more than 30 years old may […]

The Future is Blended

While I like blended learning because the learning environment and tools can be expanded to accommodate different types of learners with different schedules, paces of learning and communication preferences, I personally do not enjoy hybrid classes. Having students simultaneously in the classroom and online in my experience is a sub-optimal situation, as the teacher isContinue reading “The Future is Blended”