I am currently interested in the concept of microlearning. We are all strapped for time nowadays, and Zoom fatigue has probably overwhelmed students and educators alike. Asynchronous learning that is short, but still impactful and active, might be a good option for busy people who can’t carve out 2 hours of their day for aContinue reading “Microlearning”

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Starting the ONL211 course

Hello World! This is my first blog post during the ONL211 course. To start with, everything seems a bit chaotic but exciting at the same time. Looking forward to a great course and networking with peers inside Stockholm University and the entire ONL211 community!


ONL211 Blogg

Covid University in 2020 One might rejoice that Swedish institutions for higher education were able to switch to online teaching during the spring of 2020 and thus were able to continue to offer good education despite the pandemic. Or one might remark that it takes a globally threatening plague with thousands of dead to make …


New to it all?

In the ONL-beginningON my course to LearnI was so exited! 🙂 Now I should learn how to use all these perfect tools that I’ve been looking for. There were lots of people on the course – some I knew and some were total strangers to me.In our small …