Reflections about topic 5

Hello to all! The aim of this blog is to reflect about my overall ONL course experience. During this short ONL trip, I learned a lot of things. But the first thing that comes to my mind is that I learned to be more open: More open to share my expertise online (via blogs), more […]

Reflections about blended learning

Hello to all, topic 4 is about the design for online and blended learning. Blended learning is an education model in which students learn via online media/tools as well as traditional tools.There is a difference between blended and hybrid learning, since in hybrid learning, the online learners and the in-person learners are/can be different, while […]

Blogs are weird but useful

ONL have been an eye opening for me, seeing different people from different cultured participating in the same activities. Even if we were all teachers, we still come from different placed and have different ideas about many things. We have written blo…

Reflections about collaborative learning

Topic 3 is about learning in communities and learning in collaborative learning. Most of the time, when we ask students to do a collaborative work, they end up by sharing the work into sub-tasks and then they do these sub-tasks individually. Collaborative learning is much more than that. In our PBL group, we focused our […]

Blended learning and multitaskning

Topic 4 had, yet again another interesting topic with many intersecting discussions. My PBL group focused on two things: Challenges of multitasking in blended learning and Models (or techniques/tools) for blended learning. When we discussed the challen…

Reflections about open learning

Hello to all, these are my reflections about topic 2: Open Learning – Sharing and Openness. Openness and sharing in learning are two important factors that we need toconsider, especially today with our more and more open and networked society. But how do we define openness? In [1], it is stated that the Open Education […]

Openness in Learning and Education

My own practice of teaching and education students remains very closed due to the closed and strict university procedures and guidelines. This topic led me to reflect: Is it good to be an open educator and make your lectures available for everybody? Or is it better to be secretive and hide and keep your lectures […]

Open education is scary

The second week of the ONL course was quite interesting, both the scenario and all the discussions within the PBL group and other PBL groups. My PBL group talked a lot about open education as a tool for sharing documents between teachers but also to te…