Immigrants as permanent residents – natives as non-residents

In ”Visitors and residents: A new typology for online engagement”, White and Le Cornu make the argument that Prensky’s typology ’Natives and Immigrants’ is increasingly outdated. With the interpretation of natives and immigrants they (and, as I understand, Prensky) utilize, I probably agree. Still I have reflected on differences between natives and an immigrant duringFortsätt läsa “Immigrants as permanent residents – natives as non-residents”

Understanding our students’ digital literacies

The first topic in the ONL201 course was focused on online participation and digital literacies. These broad topics can be discussed from different perspectives. I have chosen the perspective of university teacher/course coordinator and how knowledge and understanding of the concepts of online participation and digital literacies can support the students in my course.  Starting … Continue reading Understanding our students’ digital literacies


Is this the end?

My view on ONL192During the past twelve weeks, I have been taking an online course, ONL 192 [1] “Online Networked Learning, a course, a community, an approach”. The reason for taking this course was to get a deeper understanding of online teaching and …

1. Introducing the use of Digital Literacies

I apprehensively enrolled into ONL 192 course given my immigrant status. After my fourth session the apprehension levels decreased. Reasons being that the facilitators and group members created an environment that is so conducive to teaching and learning. I guess one can attribute that to the professions that we do belong to. Since social mediaContinue reading “1. Introducing the use of Digital Literacies”