Topic 5: Reflectionata

This is my final post of the course, my last lullaby, my reflection sonata. It has been an educational experience in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Our PBL group 8 had really great facilitators (Patrik and Natalie), who kept us up to date about everything, and anything, course related. We had 100% freedom to go […]

Topic 4: Will it blend?

Blended learning is a hot topic, since the post-covid world might force us to use more blended classes, where some students are present physically and others virtually (=remotely). Blended learning also means that internet tools, such as Kahoot, are applied in the classroom – which can then also be utilised by remotely participating students, so […]


Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice

From digital literacy to collaborative learning and more – the ONL211 course has been an eye-opening experience. It’s a course with participants from various disciplines working in small and large groups and learning from each other. Many exotic ingredients and previously unknown spices blended into a refreshing smoothie that – once finished – invites backContinue reading “Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice”

Topic 5 – Lessons learnt and future practice

The learning experience from this course, and specifically the reflection on these topics, has made me think about the complexities, strengths and challenges of online networked learning in much more depth, as well as their related offline counterparts. What surprised me most was how much these topics were relevant for not only my pedagogical work,Continue reading “Topic 5 – Lessons learnt and future practice”