Blog 3: Topic 3

Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning Here I want to comment on two things that I definitely see as advantages of networked collaborative learning if used wisely. Both have to do with research. I have seen many scholars form relatively static groups with potentially many people inside the group but little interaction between thoseFortsätt läsa “Blog 3: Topic 3”


Let’s go open?

Opportunities and challenges of open online coursesAs a researcher, starting to give my first steps in online teaching, I felt the need to dig into the various types of online courses and how they work. Apparently, there are many different formats of o…


Topic 1: Online participation & digital literacies

Sitting with a nice glass of red wine and thinking about the past few weeks of Open Networked Learning. Many new impressions, nice new colleagues in the online sessions, many hurdles (or challenges) to solve… … but it is a fascinating journey with so many new impressions, ideas and possibilities. Topic 1: Online participation andContinue reading “Topic 1: Online participation & digital literacies”


Blog 2: Topic 2

Sharing and Openness In this blog post, I will consider a two things that, in my experience, prevent university teachers from sharing their teaching (materials) online and perhaps even prevent them from considering any such possibility. One is that there are many courses which are taught in the same way from one term to another, […]

Getting Started with Topic 1

At first I was quiet apprehensive of the ONL192 course because my colleagues said that there is quiet a lot of work involved. As I started the course it was very interesting to me that because of technology we connect with different types of cultures from all over the world. The dynamics in my group are great. I have very strong academics as well as strong personalities in my group. I sometimes find it hard to voice my opinion as I find myself intimidated by how intellectual my group really is a […]

Online participation

My first time to use internet can be dated back to 1999. At that time I first got an email account and sent emails to my pen-friends in the US. Slowly I learned to use internet to look for information and other social media. I was very keen om learning new staff online until about […]


What´s the fun in that?

My perceptions on online teachingAs a researcher starting a new position at a University, I was quite exited with the idea of taking the role as a teacher. In my mind, being a teacher was to provide education to students in physical classrooms. I immed…