Learning in communities can be considered a process of learning that takes place within a community or social group, which be informal or formal. In fact, learning in communities involves shared experiences, ideas, and perspectives.



Learning in communities can occur through online discussion forums, social media platforms, or even in physical communities e.g. workshops.

In my opinion, the utilization of new technology o facilitate collaborative learning is one of the key aspects of networked collaborative learning. In fact, it highlighters the usage of digital tools and resources to support collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing among students.


Source: Becoming a Learning Team: A Guide to a Teacher-led Cycle of Continuous Improvement


On the other hand, learning in communities and networked collaborative learning is not always easy and without challenges. For instance, maintaining engagement and motivation among students can be difficult in a digital environment. Moreover ensuring equitable participation and access to resources can be a challenge in diverse groups.



Overall, both learning in communities and networked collaborative learning have the potential to be powerful tools for learning and growth, particularly in today’s digital age where connectivity and collaboration are increasingly important skills for success.

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