Scaffolding, student’s journey & is this for everyone?

Gilly Salmon’s Five stage model offers an opportunity for teachers to reflect on how they (as teachers) need to support students in their development to be able to assimilate digital teaching and develop their ability to collaborate in the best possible way. The model is presented as a staircase with the steps: Access and motivationOnline …


Smooth transition from classroom teaching to online teaching

Classroom teaching is the most common way of teaching that brings an environment to gather students physically in a classroom. There have been several strategies designed and developed to make such teaching methods more productive. These innovative teaching methods considered visualization, cooperative learning, inquiry-based instruction, differentiation, employing technologies, behavior management, and professional development [1]. Technological […]

A WOW! – experience on collaborative learning and reflections on teaching design

For a few years now, I have been responsible for further education in accident investigation methodology. It is an education that attracts participants from many different sectors, private and public, where, based on different regulations, there is reason to investigate accidents within their areas of activity. I took the course myself before I later also …


Open learning: fair or unfair?

When talking about open learning, one would assume making the material available online for everyone, anywhere at anytime. However, we are living in a world that still high percentage of people have no or limited access to Internet. Looking into the map above shows that in 2017, most of African countries had below 20% access […]


Different angles of openness for open learning

Openness refers to transparency, which is usually seen as accessing to information freely. However, in practice, I think openness should be applied and seen in a wider perspective. Openness should be considered at two major levels, which are (i) content or information, and (ii) raw data. Openness in higher education and research requires higher level […]


Dear blog,

A cup of coffee, rain falling on my window, let’s get started! It has been almost a month since the Open Networked Learning course started and admittedly, I have learnt a lot more than I expected. Apart from all the new tools that can improve and advance my teaching and presentation skills online that myContinue reading “Dear blog,”

Topic 1 – ONL

We have finished 4 meeting sessions discussing on Topic 1. I would like to acknowledge the moderator, the facilitator and all our group members for a great experience towards this journey. It was a great practice together, specially using Padlet for collaborative work. The first topic on “online participation & digital literacies” was very interesting […]

Ilze Breedt

Started as a teacher 20 years ago. At first I just wanted to teach and see how students develop in their high school years. What a wonderful opportunity to see how teenagers changes from the age of 14 years until 18. And that is not where it changed, students will still make contact and shareContinue reading “Ilze Breedt”