Update – Sweden goes digital!

From tomorrow Linnaeus University goes digital-only for teaching and examination. Probably other universities will make similar decisions since the government recommended that today for both universities and upper secondary schools.Nursery schools and …


In the eye of the storm

By Urban AnjarThere is a couple of weeks since the course Open Network Learning started with me as a participant. Confusing weeks. Not only a new course and in a new subject in one dimension far away from the subjects I have formal academic credits in,…


Visitor vs Resident typology or Digital native vs digital immigrants typology

Background Visitor vs Resident typology seems to be mapping individuals’ online engagement. These narratives seem to class certain people together based on the attitude that they have towards technology and how they utilize it. Some people only use the Internet to complete certain tasks while others are forever online. What qualifies one to be ‘Visitor’ … Continue reading Visitor vs Resident typology or Digital native vs digital immigrants typology


Hello, world!

This is just a test.The Quick Brown for jumps over the lady dog.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed vehicula massa vel sapien consequat, et gravida lectus varius. Integer metus neque, blandit sit amet imperdiet non, scelerisque…