Linking Digital Literacies to Bloom´s Taxonomy?

During this first topic I have been intrigued by the Digital literacies development model by Beetham and Sharpe, 2010. After reflecting on my own courses and how the students perceive online education and the different tools and systems that we introduce to students to support teaching and learning activities. I realize that this model might […]


Online participation and digital literacies

I have been teaching online for some years now, so the change that we have seen during the pandemic when it comes to work and education has not been as ”dramatic” for me as for some of my colleagues, although we are all affected, one way or the other.. Previously, I have had students both […]


Key ONL Takeaways

1. Nuanced & positive understanding of professional digital interaction I’ve long recognized the difference between ability and use of online tools. The distinction between digital visitor and resident (White) helps to frame that discussion in terms of motivation rather than ability. The concept of the many different kinds of digital literacies (media literacy, information literacy, […]


Problem Based Learning Group Experience

It was my turn to be a co-leader for this topic and so I want to take a moment to reflect on the experience of being in a problem-based learning group. In short, what I loved about the PBL group experience was: Sense of community within group The single most important activity for building a […]


Personal Learning Network in a Pandemic

My personal learning network suddenly and unexpectedly became exclusively digital due to the pandemic and this must be a fairly common experience. This got me wondering – how has my personal learning network been affected by a year of covid restrictions? For me, this switch to the digital hasn’t posed a problem in terms of […]

Sharing Is Caring - Fotosöndag

Practical Tools for Sharing

Creative Commons Creative Commons licenses simplify and standardize the process of granting permission for others to use creative works. As a creator, this is useful for defining how you would like others to be able to use your work and enabling them to do so relatively easily. As someone looking to reuse the work of […]