How to transition smoothly to online blended learning

A lot has been discussed on collaborative learning, open learning, teaching and learning in communities, student engagement and many other important topics when transitioning to online teaching, but how does one go on about putting all these concepts in practice? In reality it is a little trickier than one thinks, and there are challenges facedContinue reading “How to transition smoothly to online blended learning”


Lessons learned from ONL202

It was a great journey attending the ONL202 course, and being part of group 2, which was a very fantastic experience with amazing members. The ONL is an online course, teaching us how to go online in our education. Taking this course during the pandemic provided more motivation to us for learning and discussing different topics. I […]

Scaffolding, student’s journey & is this for everyone?

Gilly Salmon’s Five stage model offers an opportunity for teachers to reflect on how they (as teachers) need to support students in their development to be able to assimilate digital teaching and develop their ability to collaborate in the best possible way. The model is presented as a staircase with the steps: Access and motivationOnline …


Smooth transition from classroom teaching to online teaching

Classroom teaching is the most common way of teaching that brings an environment to gather students physically in a classroom. There have been several strategies designed and developed to make such teaching methods more productive. These innovative teaching methods considered visualization, cooperative learning, inquiry-based instruction, differentiation, employing technologies, behavior management, and professional development [1]. Technological […]