Starting my first week on ONL221

I am from South Africa and in this tumultuous time in history, it is a great opportunity to be able to contribute to a course that focus on being connected in a networked environment with fellow learners to share and learn. ONL221 means a great deal to me as it is important to be connected […]


Reflection 5: Final thoughts and the future

After several weeks of learning collaboratively in the PBL group, the course has finally come to an end. The ride was demanding, time-consuming, and required considerable effort. Nevertheless, the knowledge and experience obtained are invaluable and priceless. The activities and discussions were generally well organized. I admired the level of engagement and diversity of the […]


Online and blended learning

I found this topic very interesting, since I have been teaching both on campus and online for a while. The most challenging part of it has been when you have students both online and in the classroom at the same time. How can we go about that? Is it possible to support both groups (online […]


Reflection 4: Blended learning and hybrid learning: Teachers’ support to students

In this reflection, I will be focusing on the potential support teachers can provide to students to facilitate blended and hybrid learning. It is worth mentioning that blended learning provides an alternate approach to engage students via various learning experiences particularly for students with difficulties learning in a physical classroom. This mode of learning shifts […]