ONL PBL group work has given me so much more than I could imagine or hope to give back in return, even though that was my original motivation for joining — sharing my experience as a teacher and instructional design student with my PBL group. I’d have to say that the most salient learning for … Continue reading “PBL and ONL”

Topic 5

Thank you all for an intensive, inspiring Journey! One of the most important thing I’ve learnt during this excellent course is to Read Through all the introduction text and films… as I was “thrown in” short before the course started, I missed a lot of text, films and readings. I didn’t really understand what toFortsätt läsa “Topic 5”


Topic 5: A pleasant journey towards becoming a digital resident. Thanks ONL!

Taking an Online Networked Learning (ONL) course can be quite a challenge and an overwhelming experience for an ONL rookie, at least in the beginning of the course. This is a brief story of experiences of one such ONL-rookie :-). Let me start by saying that although this course was pretty heavy in terms ofContinue reading “Topic 5: A pleasant journey towards becoming a digital resident. Thanks ONL!”



Design for online and blended learning In topic 4 our group 11 used the Saad’s Fork-joint method. After discussing the scenario we had some question-based smaller group discussions. We also decided together to use Mural as the presentation tool. Stephan uploaded and arranged it for us and put all the expected topic 4 material collectedFortsätt läsa “TOPIC 4”


Topic 4: Emotional Presence in Collaborative Learning

This blog explores the effects of emotions on collaborative learning in the Problem Based Learning groups. In this regard, the blog revisits the hierarchical iterative fork-join collaboration model and superimposes this model with the effect of emotions. Let’s start by looking at the vital prerequisites to a successful educational experience in higher education, which isContinue reading “Topic 4: Emotional Presence in Collaborative Learning”

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Topic 3 The “pioneer in unfamiliar terrain” PNL and Online (OL) Collaboration

In our PBL-group 11+6- my Learning community for the moment, we try to follow the FISH document for Problem Based Learning- we read the scenario together, brainstorm (which is more like a mix of questions, opinions, experiences etc- all in one…), then take individual time to figure out personal questions until next OL-meeting when weFortsätt läsa “Topic 3 The “pioneer in unfamiliar terrain” PNL and Online (OL) Collaboration”


Topic 3: Learning in Communities – Thoughts on Effective Collaborative Learning

Learning in modern digitalized world depends not only on obtaining knowledge personally from non-digital (e.g, non-digital books) and digital sources (e.g., internet), but also on applying the knowledge that is acquired from other individuals and groups by means of collaboration. In this way, knowledge is created within the groups by means of collaboration and isContinue reading “Topic 3: Learning in Communities – Thoughts on Effective Collaborative Learning”


Open Learning – Sharing and Openness So far I have felt overloaded and stressed, but gradually I learn more to handle all “technical” things around, so it takes less time, which gives me more time to really do the course readings, even if I read the wrong chapter 10 in Bates (should have been 11…) […]