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Topic 3 The “pioneer in unfamiliar terrain” PNL and Online (OL) Collaboration

In our PBL-group 11+6- my Learning community for the moment, we try to follow the FISH document for Problem Based Learning- we read the scenario together, brainstorm (which is more like a mix of questions, opinions, experiences etc- all in one…), then take individual time to figure out personal questions until next OL-meeting when weFortsätt läsa “Topic 3 The “pioneer in unfamiliar terrain” PNL and Online (OL) Collaboration”


Topic 3: Learning in Communities – Thoughts on Effective Collaborative Learning

Learning in modern digitalized world depends not only on obtaining knowledge personally from non-digital (e.g, non-digital books) and digital sources (e.g., internet), but also on applying the knowledge that is acquired from other individuals and groups by means of collaboration. In this way, knowledge is created within the groups by means of collaboration and isContinue reading “Topic 3: Learning in Communities – Thoughts on Effective Collaborative Learning”


Open Learning – Sharing and Openness So far I have felt overloaded and stressed, but gradually I learn more to handle all “technical” things around, so it takes less time, which gives me more time to really do the course readings, even if I read the wrong chapter 10 in Bates (should have been 11…) […]


Learning reflections So what did I learn during the first weeks in Topic 1? Be patient! As a beginner it has taken a lot of time only to understand where on the web sites I’ll find the right information for the subjects.. Now i’m getting to understand better. The PBL method is almost like what […]


Hello World!

When you are learning a computer programming language, the very first program that you write is to display the text “Hello World” on computer screen. There are different variations of this text, e.g., “Hello Moon” or “Hello Mars” depending on personal liking and taste ☺. Well, the point here is that I wanted to start […]