Let me introduce myself

 Hello!My name is Amanda Hellström, and I work as a lecturer at Linnaeus University, I am also the course coordinatior for the two courses Global Health and Introduction to System safety. I started as a registered nurse, but after I’ve been w…


Summing up and moving on

Some 12 weeks ago the ONL course started, and the first topic was about digital literacies. I reflected on that by putting together a graph over my own digital literacies – strengths and short-comings. Now it is time to revisit that graph and see what …

Reflection on my learning and development during ONL 201

Dear ONL 201 organizers and facilitators, and the PBL team 11, I want to express my gratitude to you for a great learning experience! My goals to participate the ONL course were to experience a collaborative online course from the student’s perspective and get new ideas to improve my own teaching. These goals have been … Continue reading Reflection on my learning and development during ONL 201

Topic 4

The online learning became more popular across the globe , mainly due to the COVID 19 pandemic. However teaching online is not that easy as how it was predicted. From facilitator’s point of view , designing an online course is more challenging than preparing the usual course materials. It is always important to remember ,Continue reading “Topic 4”

Topic 3 – Learning in Communities

Learning in communities is widely applicable in modern teaching and learning context. In the contemporary academic world networked community learning is vastly applicable across the globe. In this scenario students are networked through a virtual platform to achieve a common task. Community Learning in any context is a complex process with the involvement of differentContinue reading “Topic 3 – Learning in Communities”


Designing for learning

Designing a course is not only about creating realistic course goals and matching learning activities to those. A major part is to attract and maintain the students’ interest. There has to be something thrilling that awakens their curiosity, a bit like…