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What do you think Human Performance Technology entails?

It’s the first week of EDCI 528, Human Performance Technology and I vaguely have an idea of what the class will cover. Just from the title, I assume we will be learning about human solutions to organizational problems to increase or efficiency.

What skills and knowledge do you already have that you feel relate to the content of this course? 

Working in the classroom gave me an awareness of how important communication and relationships with students could affect their learning. I think the “human” factor of who is this individual, what motivates them, what helps them, and what do they need to succeed is relatable to HPT.

What do you hope to gain from this course?

From this course, I hope to gain concrete skills to be able to decide what solution is best – training or HPT. As I near the end of my journey at Purdue, I’d like to have a foundation with a process that I can follow or concrete skills when I am in the workplace.

What do you expect to contribute to this course?

I can contribute my experiences of working in an organization as an instructional designer. I also contribute by reflecting about what my peers have written and asking questions to learn more and possibly challenge their ideas or look at them from a different perspective.

How do you believe you will use what you learn in this course in your future career?

As mentioned in the answer above, we are contacted often about training for topics that employees already know. My hope is that I can employ the knowledge from this class into my discussions with subject matter experts to solve the problems groups are facing – either by training or HPT solutions.

EDCI 528: Goals and Expectations