Reflections and lessons learnt

Interesting, fatiguing but foremost rewarding…. Reflecting back on this ONL is at the same time a reflection on my first, almost whole, year at Arcada. Taking part of the ONL course was valuable since it gave me a better understanding of how working with PBL groups feels from a student perspective. I feel learning collaboratively […]

Topic 4, Learning design – not yet there….

This topic was by far the most interesting to me. This topic nicely connects all the previous topics in this ONL-course and gives me tools to design future courses. It seems to be a good way of planning courses in a more thoughtful manner, taking the different learners perspectives in account in a more structured […]


Connecitivism and teams as learning communities

As knowledge today is changing rapidly the ability to see, and make connections in the vast amount of new knowledge is crucial. Also, with a massive amount of knowledge a crucial skill today is to rapidly evaluate whether something is worth knowing or not (Siemens, 2004) Siemens (2004) argues that technology has changed our societies […]


Open Education

”Open education encompasses resources, tools and practices that employ a framework of open sharing to improve educational access and effectiveness worldwide.” (The Open Education Consortium) My path of understanding topic 2 starts from this very broad definition of what open education is.   Is it a philosophical discussion about what openness means? Or is it […]

Digital litteracies – short reflection

Driving to northern Finland for holiday with my daughter. She’s playing with my phone, reading what me and my friends have been posting in one of my Whatsapp-groups, laughing at our “middle-age ways” of writing. Soon she´s writing in my group and making a joke about writing the way she would with her friends, finding […]