Interesting, fatiguing but foremost rewarding….

Reflecting back on this ONL is at the same time a reflection on my first, almost whole, year at Arcada.

Taking part of the ONL course was valuable since it gave me a better understanding of how working with PBL groups feels from a student perspective. I feel learning collaboratively is more interesting than just reading and writing essays. But it is also extremely time consuming. It was interesting to work together as a team on a shared digital platform, making a visual, shared understandings of a topic. I would in fact have liked to explore this even further and perhaps have tried even more ways of producing shared knowledge, instead of writing personal bloggs, why not put all the effort in a “community-blogg” or something similar, instead?

Reflecting on my lessons learnt I tend to think more of what are my next steps are on my path towards open educational practices. As all good things come in threes….

  1. Opening a LinkedIn account for connecting professionally. A twitter account for sharing thoughts and knowledge. I´ve come to realize that connecting professionally gives me valuable new information and helps me developing professionally. I´m not going to be more active in Facebook though, I still think that I need to choose carefully where and how to be active on social media and FB eats more energy from me than it gives 😉
  2. Designing blended courses with all lectures recorded and more group activities where students share their learning. Designing activities that engage students in owning their own learning
  3. Taking time to reflect. For learning to happen there has to be time for reflection and thinking. If my understanding of Kahneman (2011) is correct, sometimes you need to think slow and not to jump to conclusions too fast.

Kahneman, D., 2011, Thinking, Fast and Slow, Penguin Books, London.

Reflections and lessons learnt