I am writing this on December 20th 2022. While I have been on Twitter since 2009 and was a fan of the community (especially science and science education tweeps), things have gotten nastier lately. I think what got to me was the recent policy (which may have been scrapped, but who knows) of not including alternative social media sites to your profile. While I am a “nobody” on the birdsite, I found myself trying to outsmart the algorithms by putting “mas dot to” and similar code phrases.

Well, I am too old for this s*t. I lived half of my life in Cuba, where speaking in code is necessary for survival, and I know how to do it if need to be. I’ll stay there for a while to see what happens, but started to establishing a new circle in Mastodon. It is a humbling but also fun process. There are people I know and I just have to find them or letting them find me. On the other hand, I’m making connections with different people. Will see how it feels in the future.

But, tbh, the reason I am writing this post is to get this site verified 🙂 So I am inserting this link below so they know I am for real!


From bird to elephant