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Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

What is Collaborative Learning? Collaborative learning is the educational approach of using groups to enhance learning through working together. Groups of two or more learners work together to solve problems, complete tasks, or learn new concepts The following are the benefits of collaborative learning and how I have used them in my classroom, My roleContinue reading “Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”

8 Benefits of Blended Learning You Might Have Missed

Topic 4:Design for online and blended learning

What is blended learning? Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and student, with some elements of student control over time, place, path, or place. Blended learning in my ecosystem I haveContinue reading “Topic 4:Design for online and blended learning”


Topic 2: Open learning

To share or not share?? What is Open Learning is a learning method for knowledge acquisition based on open educational resources, open-source technologies, and online communities. Open learning aims to allow pupils self-determined, independent, and interest-guided learning. It has been also focussed on collaborative study and social learning open license (creative commons) Creative Commons (CC) is an international non-profit organisation that provides free licencesContinue reading “Topic 2: Open learning”


Learning with and from others and some challenges in the university context

What are differences between collaborative work, group work and connected learning? Why do we have to distinguish between networks and communities for learning? What are the opportunities of working consciously within the own “Personal Learning Network” and how can we avoid social loafing and other phenomens in unversity group learning settings? A Personal Learning NetworkContinue reading “Learning with and from others and some challenges in the university context”

Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

Such an interesting topic! Working in groups. Learning from each other. The never ending story about collaborating and conflicts. This topic consisted of mainly two parts; learning in networks and collaborative learning. First, Personal learning networks. Kay Oddone introduced us to personal learning networks in theory and practice. As you all can understand, personal networksFortsätt läsa “Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”

Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

I have engaged in collaborative learning where there has been a shared goal for work. Collaborative learning is an autonomous experience of learning that is driven by the individual but in a social context. Collaborative learning strengthens the individual, as the individual contribution in the group is equally valued. Thus, collaborative learning has given meFortsätt läsa “Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”

Topic 2: Openness in education and learning

In this second topic we were to discuss the pros and cons concerning openness in education and learning. We have discussed the usual conceptions of openness and access as well as discussing how this phenomenon may differ from the perspectives of the educator and the learner; open educational resources (OERs), and the consequent development ofFortsätt läsa “Topic 2: Openness in education and learning”

Topic 2: Open learning – sharing and openness

My own practice is teaching in the nursing programme. This requires of the teacher a high degree of openness and sharing of for instance examples from the profession. The examples enable students with no prior experience of the nursing profession to imagine and understand the context or situation that is referred to. Although recent changesFortsätt läsa “Topic 2: Open learning – sharing and openness”