Let go of your Ego

The road trip to collaboration. “Our ego wants to be acknowledged and right.” – Frederik Imbo For topic three, Networked Collaborative Learning, we, PBL group11 (aka Splace), tried a different approach. Our moderators assigned us a task that they thought suited the topic of the week and would allow us explore the potential of the … Continue reading Let go of your Ego



I’d like to open this reflection with the following quote: “The use of open practices by learners and educators is complex, personal, and contextual; it is also continually negotiated.” ~ Catherine Cronin I am going to be open and transparent and say that this topic led me through my first deep dive into open education. … Continue reading OPEN or NOPE

Topic 5 Lessons learnt – Future practise

ONL has changed my perspective of learning and teaching, if you looked at Elmore’s modes of learning framework and his four quadrants – Individual, Collective, Hierarchical and Distribute. Try to combine them and your alternatives as a teacher are endless (but follow the syllabus). My experience of organizations/employers are that if you want to implementFortsätt läsa “Topic 5 Lessons learnt – Future practise”


Topic 4  Design for online and blended learning 

Group work  Collaboration and group-work are used frequently in traditional, online and blended learning. Therefore my refection in this topic is about group work.  Educational research has shown that group work has many benefits such as positive impact on long-term material retention, critical thinking, and communication skills (Benson et el., 2019). Research also shows that … Fortsätt läsa ”Topic 4  Design for online and blended learning ”


Retention and Presence – is there a correlation?

When going through topic 4 (design for online and blended learning) many of our discussions focused on different types of presence and retention. We came to realize the importance of defining the context before planning and designing a course or activities within a course. When planning blended or online learning strategies, variation is a keyContinue reading “Retention and Presence – is there a correlation?”


Topic 4 Reflection

Blind of own thoughts – Dazzled by consciousness returning In my workplace we often used blended learning (pre-recorded videos, quizzes, lectures with teacher in room/by link, practical exercises, seminars, individual/group exam, verbal/written exam and so on) and I like it because I think it reflects a professional nurse work. An example: “Based on a learning,Fortsätt läsa “Topic 4 Reflection”