Role of Academia in Managing Conflicts of Collaborative Groups

It has been stated that faculty members may be unaware of the effective strategies to manage conflict and some just keep watching without any effective guidance. After navigating the internet about this issue, I have found that there are some unpretentious efforts at some colleges worldwide that offer students courses on learning conflict resolution skillsContinue reading “Role of Academia in Managing Conflicts of Collaborative Groups”

Conflicts within Learning Collaborative Groups

Creative educators establish quality learning environments that allow students to engage in collaborative learning activities within their assigned groups. Such environments contribute to better learning outcomes, including development of higher order thinking skills. Students can be heterogeneous in their outlooks to collaborative activities, especially when participants of diverse cultures and attitudes are connected in computer-basedContinue reading “Conflicts within Learning Collaborative Groups”


Hello? Is it anyone out there?

In this blog post I would like to focus on my own Personal Learning Networks – what they look like and how they could be taken further.A network could be described as a group, of varying size, and the group members all have different characters. In rea…

Reflection on Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

Dear blog and readers, During the last two weeks, we have discussed collaborative learning from many viewpoints in our PBL group. I have enjoyed the discussions and it has been interesting to learn from other teachers who come from different countries and different learning environments. Surprisingly, the challenges and opportunities of collaborative learning seem to … Continue reading Reflection on Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning


To be or not to be Open…That is the question

In this theme we have explored the concept of openness. Open education is about the conviction that everyone should have access to high-quality educational experiences and resources. It’s about sharing, producing and building knowledge together (https:…


Can teachers find their way to go freely open?

Teachers’ Adoption of Open Educational Resources in Higher Education Despite the availability of open educational resources (OERs), users are still faced with barriers to accessing resources. When I started learning about open education and OERs, the most frequent vocabulary I have encountered were confusing, debate (dispute, argue, controversial) and strive (struggle, pursue). Amazing, isn’t it?Continue reading “Can teachers find their way to go freely open?”