First of all I want to share my satisfaction about the ONL sessions in global and especially my PBL group 11 .It was a very unique experience that I lived with members from different countries where we shared thoughts , discussed different contents and subjects , tried new tools and ideas synchronously during zoom meetings and assynchronously on whatsapp and mails .

During this ONL session, I loved the approach followed to facilitate and enhance learning : Dividing the course into topics of 2 weeks each , providing resources and live webinars , planing online meetings with PBL groups to explore the topic and produce a collaborative work then share it with other groups . What I also appreciated that along with the group activity , there is an individual activity for sharing personal reflections , may be if it is not limited to blogging it would be an excellent way for self assessment .It could be a mind map , animated image , video , voice recording , word cloud , a diagram ….

The lesson learnt form this , is to adopt varied activities to students , individual and in group , with synchronous and assynchrounous mode , provide a suitable climate for learning such as establishing an horizontal relation with them (verticality could create obstacles and low self confidence for them ) and esspecially give them more flexibility to follow the course on their own rythm

Using real scenarios and problem based learning method also was a good start for the groups where they can focus on the situation , investgate the diferent resources and share the solutions with others .So every group can explore other’s productions and learn from them with different vision and different implemenation.

Technology had important roles during the whole process : for communication , collaboration , sharing files , producing content , making research ….Based on this we need to integrate more technology to enhance teaching depending on our context .

Another important thing , is that we were learning from each others , we don’t have one teacher but we were all teachers to each other , the facilitators were there for us to explain the process and how things can be done , without forcing us to follow their point of view , they were open to new ideas and suggestions and this is another advantage of horizontality .

Changing moderator roles in the group was another positive point to take advantage from , as it aims to involve everyone in the group and give him the responsibility of work quality and achievement , of course with engaging the help of others .

Last but not least , building the big miro island together within the PBL small islands is a great idea for summerizing and sharing between different groups wehere we can find many treasures and valuable experiences .

Finally a word For the organisers and founders of ONL , Thank you for this advanture .

Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice