Developing Digital Literacies in the Corona Era

Amazing how things went in the elapsed two weeks. What we have witnessed recently is an amazing forcible engagement of the most resistant educators in the e-learning process. On the other hand, students had to complete the cycle too. When persons in charge clearly identify the complexity of learning materials and experience of both teachersContinue reading “Developing Digital Literacies in the Corona Era”


My name is Matti Karlsson. I work as a senior lecturer in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Currently I teach business students in our MBA programs. My courses are mostly in blended mode. The subjects include management and leadership, like change- project- and operational management. Before becoming a teacher, I used to work in ICT … Continue reading Hello


Amanda ONL blog 2020-02-25 19:23:00

Hi! This is me and this is my blog!I look forward to this ONL course and to learn about new tools and new ways to use ICT in teaching and learning.So far, we’ve just had the introduction of the course, BUT I have already started to explore new ways of …



ONL PBL group work has given me so much more than I could imagine or hope to give back in return, even though that was my original motivation for joining — sharing my experience as a teacher and instructional design student with my PBL group. I’d have to say that the most salient learning for … Continue reading “PBL and ONL”

Topic 5

Thank you all for an intensive, inspiring Journey! One of the most important thing I’ve learnt during this excellent course is to Read Through all the introduction text and films… as I was “thrown in” short before the course started, I missed a lot of text, films and readings. I didn’t really understand what toFortsätt läsa “Topic 5”