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This graphic depics my ONL journey perfectly. In the middle of the foreground you see a bright reflection of the sky above. To me, it depicts my inner light and interest in all things dealing with pedagogy. Even though I am not in the classroom, actively teaching daily, the light doesn’t disappear. It’s a part of who I am.

This light is surrounded by darkness. Since leaving a traditional school setting, I have been in the ”dark”. Away from discussing what works, what doesn’t work and talking about new technological tools in education. Espicially in times like this, where traditional educational practices are being forced to develop, I didn’t want to miss what my colleagues where learning and discovering in education.

In the middle ground you see an explosion of stars and lights. That symbolizes what happened during the duration of our meetings with our group. We worked well together, even if we had different backgrounds, experiences and personalities. We really pulled together and helped in the process to create projects. Each topic and project brought new insight and reflections from the group which always gave the group something to discuss.

At the very top, you see the darkness is being pushed out of the photo by the light. In January, I will start a masters program for Learning Design and Techology. I am looking foward to continuing working and learning more about best practices in course design, online learning and hybrid learning. This bright light is all the knowledge that I gained from this course and hopefully from my future studies.

Finally, I would like to thank my group facilitators and my group members for making this such a great expierence.

My final ONL Reflection