After the end of Topic 2, we had a reflection week to catch up with the blogging, reflections, tasks… It was also Easter Week and, for me, the beginning of a 10-day period I had to substitute my boss, being in charge of the outreach board of my university. So, I couldn’t really catch up with anything related to ONL course…

On the 12th April we had a joint meeting with PBL groups 10 and 11. It was very nice getting to know other people and to discuss with them Topics 1 and 2. The meeting was motivating for both groups and we decided to meet again for Topic 5!

I was looking for a picture of our joint meeting, but couldn’t find any… However, I found the very nice padlet PBL10 had made to introduce themselves using the world map template and placing themselves in the map, with a short video and a few words. Super cool!

Padlet of PBL 10
Reflection week (11th-17th April)