Topic 5

Insights I think i learned about the key requirements needed to build an online course that participants could find useful. I learnt about how to create spaces for interaction and reflection, how to foster collaboration in groups and encourage learner participation. I also learned about new tools, many of which I have now started to […]


EduNauts – “Merci” for the time together

Welcome to my space for the reflections on topic 5 – Lessons learnt – future practice The last webinar ended with a beautiful Miroboard – I grew really fond of this tool. I gonna quote my fellow EduNauts Lucinda Jolly “talk the talk … walk the walk”, was one of the many things she told […]


 TOPIC 5:  INDIVIDUAL REFLECTION I would like to start this final reflection with yet another story. My colleague in administration wanted to study further but not through the company as it would mean having to pay back in time and she did no…


Topic 5: Final summarizing reflection

During the ONL222 course, I have come to understand that open networked learning and the increasing plethora of useful digital resources can offer great possibilities for instructors and learners alike. This course was inspiring due to the many good theories, ideas and practices shared within an interdisciplinary forum. Admittedly, at first, I expected this course […]

Learning in collaborative groups and networks

Topic 3: Constructive online collaboration requires intrinsic learner motivation, time, trust, shared values, and a balanced sharing of duties

Scenario 3 draws attention to lacking collaboration among students while working in groups. Capdeferro and Romero (2012) have identified in their research that students often feel frustrated in collaborative learning activities in online courses, particularly due to asymmetric collaboration, a lack of shared values and clear communication, and due to an imbalance regarding individual contributions […]


Learning is a social act – don’t you think?

Welcome to my space for the reflections on topic 3 – Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning. I joined the webinar “Learning in communities” on Monday the 7th November with Kay Oddone (Charles Sturt University, Australia) & Lotta Fröjdfeldt (Mälardalen University, Sweden). Little did I know, once again an inspiring and wonderful hour would […]


A puzzle piece of something big that makes me happy.

  Welcome to my space for the reflections on topic 2 – Open Learning – Sharing and Openness This topic kicked off with the webinar from Maha Bali about “Exploring Nuances of Open Educational Practices”. (‘ONL222 Topic 2 Event’, 2022) In order to prepare for the webinar, I listened to the recommended podcast “Perspectives of […]

Topic 4

My Current Practice I have developed 2 Open Educational Resources and am in the process of developing a MOOC for ultrasound education. The OERs are as follows: Designing and developing both of them have been a learning experience for me. I started learning wordpress from scratch on my own and have integrated a […]