Topic 4

During this journey a teacher pointed out that that “cognitive presence relates to what you talk about now and social presence is related to communities and sense of belonging”. I think this is important to keep in mind, although I thought the topic would only relate to different design tools and how to use them […]

Learning in personal communities (ONL202 Topic 3)

The topic 3 in ONL202 course addressed the importance of creating communities of learning. This aspect can be discussed from two different perspectives – teacher and student. In both cases, creating a personal learning network (PLN) is of great importance to facilitate learning. The definition and type of members in the PLN for a teacherContinue reading “Learning in personal communities (ONL202 Topic 3)”

Topic 3

After two inspiring weeks of seminars with my peers on the topic “learning in communities” it’s time to write a few words. All the peers of our group are excellent participants and it has been a wonderful experience to lead the work on this topic together with Stephanie and with support from our facilitators. I […]

Sharing and Openness

The video about creative licences was informative (Process Arts, 2011) to sort out how to make sure that my online material won’t be used in a manner that I didn’t intend. However, I’m not so concerned about getting credit so I’d probably just the CC0 …

Reflection week

The week for reflections has already passed, filled with examinations and teaching. Then some time for reflections on the two first topics and reading my peers’ blogs – which I found interesting – but unfortunately no time for further reading of articles. Regarding topic 1 I think this is an ongoing process of didactic and […]