DigitiZAtion of a nation

So I asked on my Facebook what I could write about for today’s blog with the theme of education in the new era. Ironically, the only response was the lack ICT in South African public schools. Abbreviated for Information, and Communication Technology, i…

Reflection on Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice

The ONL journey came to the end, but my journey of improving my teaching with blended learning has just started. This course definitely fostered my teaching expertise and skills very much. The course ended with Topic 5 titled: Lessons learnt – future practice, which is another thing I valued on the design of this course. […]

It all started in a dream

“Every day I live to dream, but in every dream, I dream of living.”Shortened to: Live to dream. Dream to live. As it is inscribed on the unders of my arms.I came up with this quote many a year ago, inspired by James Dean’s “Live as though you’ll die to…


A beginning not an end …

The journey throughout this course has been utterly stimulating. The course facilitated a quantum leap in my knowledge. When thinking about individual moments, I cannot see any peculiarities. However, when I consider the whole picture with all the moments combined, I find it so inspirational and extremely valuable for teachers. It is like a puzzle; […]

The future of blended learning

The future of higher education is spelled blended learning. At least where we are right now, making a clear distinction between what’s ‘real’ and what’s ‘online’ In the future, this division will most certainly be more blurred as technology will become more integrated in our corporality. Everything will be blended, or perhaps merged, so to […]


Reflection on Topic 2: Open learning – Sharing and Openess

During the two-week course period for Topic 2, each member of our PBL group investigated the willingness and chanllenges of openness from our own insititution. Here, I would like to share with you my little investigation on Stockholm University. “Since 1878, Stockholm University has been characterized by openness and innovation (www.su.se/english).” Currently, we offer 75 […]