Reflections on learning in communities

I have a dream of setting up an open learning community or network for students learning ultrasound in my institution. Here are some of the reasons why i think this could be useful: The topic in question currently does not have dedicated time allocated to it in the course structure and it is difficult to […]

Topic 2 – OPEN

Reflections on Topic 2 “Openness its key attribute is about ­freedom – ­for individuals to access content, to reuse it in ways they see fit, to develop new methods of working and to take advantage of the opportunities the digital, networked world offers” (Weller, 2014) openness for greater inclusion and social diversity in education finding […]



Welcome to my first reflection on digital literacy. it was really interesting to read about visitors and residents of digital literacy conceptualization by watching David white’s video and online seminar. When it comes to describing my relationship with digital, I see myself as more residence as my social visibility is highlighted when I post on […]