Do we need to think differently? (ONL202 Topic 4)

The topic 4 in ONL202 was about designing your course and teaching for online and blended learning environments. Moving away from the classical campus-based teaching towards online and blended learning forms has been challenging for most of us, especially during the year 2020 where everyone was forced to do this overnight. At our university, IContinue reading “Do we need to think differently? (ONL202 Topic 4)”

The end…

 Our last session was to summarize what we have learned. I think the most important aspect I take with me from this experience is that online learning works well…and it can be fun fun and as engaging as on-site learning. In the beginning I was m…


Topic 4:Design for Online and Blended Learning

The fourth topic concerned on how to design a blended learning program.Blended learning is defined as the blend of two “face-to-face” and “online” learning modes or as described in [1], it is defined as “the organic integration of thoughtfully selected and complementary face-to-face and online approaches”. We discussed three models, namely the five-stage model[2] ,Continue reading “Topic 4:Design for Online and Blended Learning”

Reflections on course literature

The 5 stage model of Gilly Salmon (2013) is really interesting and next semester I will make use of it both as a teacher and as a director of studies. This while it is essential for the learning outcome that students from the very beginning get to know how to handle learning and e-tivities. Quite […]

Topic 5

Tho most important things I have learnt through this ONL course are the following: 1) Learning online is really fun. Even if the environment is different from campus, it’s still possible to learn by and from each other if all the members of the community are aware of how to communicate online. That is what […]