ONL211 – 5th and final!

Interesting post this could be! I mean we have no specific question as such, it can be more of a reflection or my learning journey through ONL211. I read a few posts by peers (I am supposed to) and realised that most take this reflection pretty seriously listing positive and negatives. The style vary but […]

Topic 4 and the big battle between online and on-campus

The Topic 4, Design for online and blended learning, encountered me in my worst period regarding online learning. I have been teaching online since summer 2020 (North hemisphere) and the last two weeks have been extremely hard regarding time planning. I’m exhausted, besides my teaching duties, my research is extremely important in terms of myContinue reading “Topic 4 and the big battle between online and on-campus”


Exploring the synergies of active learning in a community of inquiry

Topic 4 has been a challenging mountain to climb. In writing this blog, I was to consider the perspective of the educator in designing for learning. The perspectives of learners and teachers are different. And being on the other side as a learner during the ONL211 journey has shed light on what it is likeContinue reading “Exploring the synergies of active learning in a community of inquiry”


blended and online teaching and learning and design frameworks Hi! In our PBL#6 group work I looked into the asynchronous activities in blended learning. My very brief and rather superficial review of the literature suggested by ONL211 yielded the text you may browse below, titled “Elaboration”. The text is a review and light reflexion of […]

ONL211-topic 3

Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning We know that there are many ways people learn. Not only because there are different things to be learned in some way rather than another, but also because people are different and learn in different ways. In a formal institutional education setting we may say that we have […]


Redrawing the lines

I put my hand up when the question was asked which topic I would be happy to co-lead. Openness and sharing- an ethos I resonate with. I especially liked this definition “Openness can be conceived of as an attitude or worldview which includes making oneself vulnerable, narrating one’s own practice and sharing one’s incomplete scholarshipContinue reading “Redrawing the lines”