Final reflection

This is my last reflection on the course. Time went by so fast and it is somehow sad that the course will finish now, not seeing the group members again. But let´s start to answer the questions. • What are the most important things you have learned through your engagement in the ONL course? Why? […]


Topic 3: Reflection on Collaboration

Collaboration seems to be easy, but is it really easy to achieve? As Tuckman (1956) mentions there is a group finding process which always takes place. In the forming phase team members have many insecurities, in the following storming phase they try to define their territory, it is a more conflicting time, rules have to […]


Reflection 4: Our MOOC activity

For the fourth topic we decided to take an example of the real world, a MOOC. It sounded really good and it is quit an interesting topic. As well we can support a colleague. So let´s start with our consulting team. It seems to be very easy to create a MOOC. But as you look […]

Reflection of Topic 3 – Gobbets

This blog post have four entries and structured in the following content based on the 3P-Model of learning from  (Biggs, J.B. 2003. Teaching for quality learning at university. Maidenhead: Open University Press.) This model describes three stages in the process of learning (in constructive alignment): Presage Process (Facilitating the group for Topic 3) Product (Our […]


Reflection Topic 2: Open Learning – Sharing and Openness

It is still an open question how digital learning is going on to develop “after” the pandemic. I asked a colleague who attended a very interesting conference and she told me the trend was that on universities you will have more blended-learning, in adult education digital learning is still strongly ongoing but in school it […]


Reflection on Topic 2 -The fries are good!

I participated in the webinars, and as the video recording was partly unavailable – I did not catch the references. I really tried to search for Bali et al 2017, but I have no hit on this. So, if you have a tool that you can lay on top that instantly records something or copy […]

So much work…

I was warned. I was warned about how engaging the course would be. I love the different groups reflections, tools they used – how different everyone interpreted the use case. I guess I added some reference to the former blog post. I am not sure this is what is expected. I am simply unsure. But […]

How to overcome insecurities!

(and maybe moving to more secure digital usage from being a visitor….) (Topic 1 #ONL222 -Digital Literacy….) This blog post is an expansion on Topic One to aid teachers in on-line learning to manage/handle insecurity to the technology (digital/computer)…The list is not exhaustive, and can of course be expanded.  Feel free to comment and add […]