Open learning, part 2

I am focusing now on three topics within open learning, namely 1) what is it, 2) how to assess it, and 3) the knowledge transfer. OpenI am thinking what does open learning mean. I mean the open -part there. Typically open courses are not open to e…

Open learning

 It is about distress. I notice that the topics within the course are new to me and this leads to distress. My initial way of dealing with new, possibly difficult, topics is yes, distress. I feel that it is kind of strange that these topics are ne…

Digital literacy: What ?

 I can certainly relate to the scenario given to us: finding things is difficult and the topic seems incomprehensible. The enthusiasm has turned into confusion. I do not even seem to understand the topic (digital literacy) nor the connection to my…

Digital Literacy and Online Participation

The American Library Association (ALA) defines digital literacy as “the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills.” Digital literacy covers more than just send a text and post to social media, in education, it encompasses so much more. It involves acquiring specific skillsContinue reading “Digital Literacy and Online Participation”

Course: Teach Kids To Read

We have developed a teacher training curriculum and were able to host training sessions for teachers and educational personnel about new techniques of teaching how to read. We believe this will empower teachers in classrooms to teach more effectively.