Topic 4 – ICEBERG the life boy for online learning

“Integrated, Collaborative, Engaging, Balanced, Economical, Reflective and Gradual” is the way that van Ameijde (2018) frames the key factors for student retention. A topic that interests me a lot and during the Pandemic has the interest has increased even more. As described in the article (van Ameijde et. al 2018) , the retention has … Continue reading “Topic 4 – ICEBERG the life boy for online learning”


Design for online and blended learning

Everyone can relate to the feeling of having a teacher who has ruined the joy of learning by being authoritarian or downright mean. This can certainly sometimes relate to the personal chemistry between teacher-student. Alternatively the teacher is authoritarian in his professional practice to control a group of students. The teaching role has traditional beenFortsätt läsa “Design for online and blended learning”