Topic 3: Learning in Communities: An Experience with Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning (CL) as an educational approach to teaching and learning, is not a new concept. In my current practice, I have used CL in several modules as a teaching/learning approach as it allows for learners to converse with peers, listen to different perspectives, articulate and defend their ideas (Laal & Laal, 2012). With CL,Continue reading “Topic 3: Learning in Communities: An Experience with Collaborative Learning”

Collaborative learning online or offline?

I have been struggling to finding the difference between online collaborative learning and on campus collaborative learning. Is there a difference? What is the difference? Brindley et al. (2009) examined the influence of grading on the participation in group work in an online course, without finding any effect. Instead they concluded that there are severalContinue reading “Collaborative learning online or offline?”

OPEN LEARNING – sharing and openness (Topic 2)

During these last weeks I have been overwhelmed by the mass of shared feelings, ideas, tools and experiences on the ONL192 blogs. I have only just begun reading and taking part and is finding it totally wonderful (and a bit stressful). Besides from discussing different definitions of open education/open pedagogy/open resources we have been focusing […]

When one door closes, another one… BANG!

This week our Open Network Learning (ONL) community engaged in the conversation of ‘going open’ with educational resources. In theory, this would include; text, audio and video teaching materials created by educators/scholars. Placed online means a carbon copy released to the world with no clue for where it may end up. #Daunting FREE for ALLContinue reading “When one door closes, another one… BANG!”

I have a dream

I am clearly in favour of a completely open education. Open access to literature, open educational resources, no tuition fees, open educational practice, open pedagogics and completely inclusive to all learners irrespective of their functional diversity or socio-economic status. Yes, I know that this is impossible, but that is my dream. I am not thatContinue reading “I have a dream”


Topic 2: Open Learning – Sharing and Openness

The second topic in the ONL course was very insightful and had me thinking what “OPENNESS” means in my practice of NURSING EDUCATION.  Openness, to me means sharing my teaching materials, research findings, ideas and thoughts with my peers, colleagues and students. Personally, I have no issues sharing. The openness of education somewhere in theContinue reading “Topic 2: Open Learning – Sharing and Openness”


These weeks’ topic is openness. With this one, I have struggled a bit to get into it. The materials did not seem too appealing to me at first and in the webinar I had difficulties to really get involved. My initial impression was “Openness? Sure, it’s a good thing. You should be open. What is […]

The Change

Since I started the Open Networked Learning (ONL) course a lot has happened. First, however, I must tell the history of how I became an ONL student. Learning has always been fun to me and, as I have learned, sharing any accumulated knowledge with others seemed not only exciting but also fair. I saw the […]