Topic 5: Wrapping it up

So, it is the 10th of December and it is time to wrap the ONL experience up. I will use the questions posed on our community page to try and sort my thoughts and feeling out, here we go. What are the most important things that you have learnt through your engagement in the ONL […]


Topic 4: Design for Online and Blended Learning: Gaining Insight

As an educator, for a considerable period, most of my teaching methods have been face-to-face delivery of content. However, the technological rise of the 21st-century, widespread adoption of technology into our lives and the combined access to the internet has integrally changed how education is and can be delivered. The world that we are livingContinue reading “Topic 4: Design for Online and Blended Learning: Gaining Insight”

Thoughts converging

I have over the last 20 years tried to improve my skills in handling negative emotions in group work. Frustration and irritations are common and probably unavoidable. Conflicts occur, mainly as a result of not handling frustration and irritation. Åsa Nilsonne held a keynote lecture at the higher education pedagogic conference NU2018 about emotions inContinue reading “Thoughts converging”