Life after ONL

On August I got an email from my university about available pedagogical courses, and ONL cought my eye. After the benji-jump into online teaching on spring 2020, I was eager to learn how it actually should be done. It also sounded very reasonable to study online learning in an online-course and the very international approach […]

What are my personal learning networks?

“Why learn online with other people?” Jon Dron and Terry Anderson ask in their article Teaching crowds: learning and social media (2014). Their answer is as simple and straightforward as the question: because it is possible. At the time when article was written, roughly one third of world’s population had access to internet and the […]

The five-stage-model in the context of design

I was very delighted when I first red about the five-stage-model developed by Gilly Salmon in ONL2020 course. Since the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic in spring 2020 I had struggled to figure out how to support students’ learning online, and there it was – a readily buildt method exactly for that. When discussing the fourth […]

Opening up the design studies?

I have to admit, that I have never found open learning very intriguing question, and definetely not one related to my field. I had actually never really thought of the subject matter before it was introduced to us as second topic of ONL2020 course, and even then I could not see it having any connection […]


How do you share your resources?

He who receives ideas from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine receives light without darkening me.”  Thomas Jefferson Education is all about enlightenment – enlightening each other through sharing, collaboration and feedback. Openness is central in education. Today, we have Internet, it gives us a great … Continue reading “How do you share your resources?”

Me and digital literacy

I’m used to seeing myself as quite a digitally literate person. This is partly due to me having been the youngest one in quite many contexts in my life: in my childhood family, and when studying in university as well as among my colleagues in the beginning of my teaching career. I was playing with […]

Open Learning and Cyberculture : An Open reflexion

Open learning, in essence, means an educational system that enables learners to own integrated educational programs (e.g ONL platform), which differ in their structure and mechanism management than traditional models. Also the open model characterized by openness that is based on flexibility in the requirements of the learner’s enrollment in a specific educational program (asynchronousLire la suite “Open Learning and Cyberculture : An Open reflexion”