Reflection on topic 4: design for online and blended learning

We are approaching the end of the Open Networked Learning course. This time we have addressed topic 4, being the focus on technology-enhanced learning design, which is one of my top practice and research interests within my academic trajectory in educational technology. On the other hand, of course, the topic comes now really timely, since… Continue reading Reflection on topic 4: design for online and blended learning

Week 4:Reflection on Topic 4: Design for Online and Blended Learning

Our current practice on the development of blended learning is uploading of pre-recorded video lectures via online learning platform followed by  two hours of  face to face tutorial every week. However, this method of blended learning has changed since the COVID-19 situation because our students are required to do home-based learning.  We continue to upload pre-recorded lectures via theContinue reading “Week 4:Reflection on Topic 4: Design for Online and Blended Learning”

Reflections on Topic 2

OK, so Open Learning – Sharing and Openness then.Let’s start with what openness means for my own teaching. Up until a year ago, I pretty much ripped off and used just about any material I wanted and could get my hands on in my courses. It could be a Yo…


Collaborative learning – dream or nightmare?

Group work. I guess the very phrase stirs emotions in most people. Perhaps memories of embarrassed pupils reading from papers with text copied verbatim from a textbook, while staring at their feet. What is the reason for such seemingly pointless activities? Is there any secret wisdom that only teachers possess? Maybe. From the teacher’s perspective,Continue reading “Collaborative learning – dream or nightmare?”


Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

“Learning […] is an active process of creating connections and seeing patterns of information within and between these connections” (Oddone, 2019) Collaborative learning takes place when groups of learner work together to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a product (Gerlach 1994). It is contrasted with cooperative group work, in which learners tend toContinue reading “Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”


Reflections on Topic 1

Hi all,So the Friday 13 March David White webseminar was great I think.The hierarchy system (the normal academic system) in which in which students are ranked by an authority (me as teacher) vs the network system in which students collaborate, connect …

Week 3: Reflection on Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

Many of our colleagues introduced some form of collaborative elements in their courses. They often shared their challenges during the department meetings. The common challenges are students did not do prior reading to prepare themselves adequately for the topic and are not actively participating in group discussion and assignments. Other challenges cited in the literatureContinue reading “Week 3: Reflection on Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”


Open Learning – sharing and openness

Openness is a slippery concept. It has different meanings for different people in different contexts. When it comes to education, openness usually refers to the extent to which knowledge is accessible. When we first started talking about sharing and openness, I immediately thought about Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOCs). MOOCs are online courses thatContinue reading “Open Learning – sharing and openness”