ONL is challenging while you are away. Love that the webinar was recorded, but we still are not savvy enough to 1) show the chat or 2) repeat what was said on chat (like repeating a question in an audience)..  for us, the late-comers that are the viewing audience (who cannot see the chat): So hard to follow what is said and reflected upon. Not so inclusive!  But I guess it rubs it in. The value of presence in the now. A good presence should be “over time” though.  But on the other hand, maybe allowing for having the chats private are a good thing.  we would restrict our spontaneous  comments if we did not. Also, the tools for a webinar recording should maybe be more (easily?) edited.

  • Dave  – or DavidOWhite if you are to google him, did discuss the visitor/residence vs Private/institutional (latter, that I like to call “work”) as Institutional really gives me the creeps as a word…
  • And I loved to hear the discussion on others pictures (you go team!)
  • And No, I was a “good girl”. I actually stopped the video (for a rather long time) and tried to make a nice/funny map with the “logo’s” – as I got a bit frustrated in general with my handwriting (no, not taking pictures and posting them!) ….
  • And No – I am not at KAU anymore could not login, and could not post…..  (had some two years there…) so posting is email to poor J.P (if you want it on the same page)….
  •  Well, after fiddling I got this.
  • My picture is not really “there” – but my consciousness of public vs private….   
  • What did I learn AFTER doing this (no, I am not going to redo it…) = hmm, I probably missed hundreds of “tools” that are public, work etc that I use daily…. And I am mixing personal and “institutional”…. but definitely a newbie on the wordpress blogging (thought this would be a good time to learn more…
  • So I keep posting (this post also experiment).
  • I thought I was good “on twitter”, but I guess the twitter chat will have me learning tomorrow. But so much to do, and so little time.
  • Now it is “ALSO” time to look into the homework we hot potatoes have given ourselves….
  • Just saying “role model” – Ha! Not really. But Blogging I have done for decades. That comes more easy that “FISH”-ing for specifics…
  • Glad I have such great Hot potatoes-members.
  • I am not in this alone, and that feels good.

Have a good day and night my friends!

Think peace and breath!

Topic one – while being away…