I cannot believe there was a seminar this Friday. I got the mail the same morning. Why can not  you Vogons tell about it? Or mail – or update the WEBSITE? And why do we have this “online information” if it is not updated ????? Why is it not announced in the web? On time?

It is almost deliberate excluding.     You do NOT want to have ONL schedules like this.  Publish a schedule for the entire semester in advance – times, and also tell where the recordings are to be posted.
All of this is totally hap hazard here.  Impossible to follow ONL  and to be able to keep up with the info. What an exclusive community. If you do not put up with the rules, you are out.

So,  I jumped right in. I wrote on the padlet and added postits. I have added many many comments. And then I hear – (I cannot believe my ears) that people think “some speak all the time”…It is the same people commenting? Well? Is that not what you want? To have ENGAGED students? Now it sounds like “I was bad for being engaged”. I really felt sore. And – what is your problem? Did anyone take your air-space? Speak up yourself then. No – I am not sure about this is a good way to foster learning and network. Too much social BS – Not as inclusive as you think.

Ask all the people why the drop out. There is one for you organizers.  I best “I do not have time” will be a major thing. And why? Because people cannot plan. It does not fit the schedule.
So – we need to set this up in advance. Do you want to follow this  course? where the seminars are not announced until the same day?

This last post will not have any references. I am exhausted, sad, and bewildered. It started so good – and it ended so… I do not know what to say… Should we be pirates?

I for sure do not want to sit with a chest of gems on an island by myself playing pirate.

So glad our group decided to have one more talk.  I hope they read my post.

ONL for me in the future? Undecided.

But I see this as a lesson in “on line socializing”, with a touch of Jante-law back-swing. Yes, I learned a lot.
Play the game – be positive.  After all – I love on-line!  I love “self-made”. I love meeting new people and learning new things. And some has really been superstars in this context! Thank you for being there!

Topic 5? Lessons learned?  for online (new) tools – a group is invaluable. For pedagogic tricks – good seminars (Especially Topic 4 seminar). For the rest? I rather read myself.

“Goodbye – and thanks for all the fish!” by Douglas Adams

“Goodbye – and thanks for all the fish!” Topic 5