This is a short one – a bit of practice for myself!

Blog feed back (summarized) – Clinic and sharing

  1. Not structured enough! Use headings!  (see above 😉
  2. Use pictures to catch attention!  (ok, fine, but limited time!)
  3. I like to read your reflections (thank you – it warms my heart!)
  4.  Think in two steps: First to “satisfy my own learning” (Yes, I am personal) and two: Think about the reader (engaging)
  5. Reflect on feedback (!) questions (my own insight)
  6. Read all others “individual reflection” – and come up with a better blog post list of how to do a reflection. What Can I learn about the journey? What concerns me?
  7. Thank people for taking time to read a blog post by reply! (my own insight) So ….
    Thank you – Here is a SUNFLOWER for you from my garden. – Thank you for commenting and Thank you for feedback!


  On topic: Allowing to let others take space – implicit about group work (our groups)!

Context: As I am a “seasoned” and trained “process” therapeutic (Gestalt Therapy) with massive experience on group work I commented on our group:

  • It is OK that people take space (younger people often need validation and “be right” ) It is ok for me to give that space – as long as it does not dominate the group
  • There is trust in our group, as we can almost “fight” in what way we should do things. (That is a good thing!)
  • Even if people “pushed” and we had a bit of work load sharing – we all contributed – but one method was pushed by leader. It was ok to mention we also wanted to learn, and the leader willingly shared. Hence, I was happy with conclusion.
  • It is a worry that not all have trust in the group – but this is very deep, cultural and personal. It takes time. Allowing people to “not” be super active – lurkers can also contribute.
  • Social awkwardness and speaking up in a bigger group is also something that can take time for some. Asking everyone how they feel right now is a good thing (like the Group 10 check-in procedure).

On Being Topic 3 Leader

On paper: We are four leaders, but I feel we are not four leaders. I miss my male mexican collegue – that would balance us “strong-headed women” 😉 Where are you? Please find a secure connection and join us. Please join?!

  • Relying on someone for leadership is hard. This makes me very tired, as I feel I have to carry the load – and my body aches after a day in front of the computer. I guess responsibility?
  • Now – I work with the wonderful people who both prepare, and make things happen. It works fine! I trust the process, I trust the group. Go with the flow.
  • My ambition of bringing more references I hope pays off. My own list is long. I realized I must read a lot. I do not have time.  What is really “enough”?
  • Why am my own reflections missing references? I guess I read faster than “write a blog or a research paper”. Do I not reflect sufficiently? I sure do! Cause you are on my mind!
  • I think paying forward is important. Let others do (their) mistakes and successes…….How much to feedback? Just enough so people are validated they are seen and heard.
  • Allowing others and “not” go with my own stuff is moving me outside my comfort zone. So, Make it easy (stay with familiar) – or learn new? Of course learn new! That means,
    only contribute to “get things started/going” – then not push your own (way – method, theory, tool). Hence, Get the ball running (by starting), but then “withdraw).

No, I must rest before it is time. Hugs there! If you come this far, you need it!





Part two – Extra clinic and blog-feedback! and On being Topic 3 leader….