I guess I missed to join the two? blog seminars. I guess I already started blogging, but having less than 2 days to plan an open seminar is just poor planning (!) on ONL.

Would it not be better to announce the actual seminar times (for all seminars) Up front? I mean – all of use have other things to do. I feel it is a bit “stingy” to not know two (working days) ahead of the schedule, that there is a seminar going. Or am I missing something? Please tell me. The feeling of missing essentials keep repeating. So I missed the “blog” feedback session. That would have been good. But I guess the poor teachers are doing there best to reflect (who else do have time to read an individual blog?) Well, you get what you ask for.

So – Less and more actual content. How to fullfill the critera? What would I say on blog post? Stop self-censure your text. Again, it depends what your goal is.
I am trying to “go with the flow” – and it does not work great. Advise? anyone? Hello out there?

So we were not joined with another group – we hardly formed and we are already in a new constellation. It is great. We all adapted well into a difficult schedule – 14 hour workdays. Well, nothing new under Sun!
I think my real successes in life is when I try to do less – meaning – not have 14 our workdays. I think of “Work and no play make (x) a Dull boy (girl)” – Guess the movie? It was very bloody. But yes, I was at the hotel (at least the outside) in Oregon…  (plus points if your know!)

Shine on you crazy diamond— Pink Floyd (has  at list a hint in it 😉

So I just watched the OZ- experience Kay! – I lived there. It is a BIG country. I understand their need for ONL. And maybe this is how learning will evolve in the future – based on pure need. If you want something – it will happen. Like the best way to learn a language is not DuoLingo -but falling in love. Fortunately – I am married – so I guess I have to continue with this app.  I am a strong believer in meeting. Even if my PNL is huge – and not only how I learn – is also how I influence. But nothing beats a year of meeting almost every week for one hour with a day in person. I am just saying that. Time is the most expensive trade you have. You do not thing it is – but giving time to others – and someone else is a big gift. I read Kay’s PhD. I am astonished that this two papers, and one report is sufficient for a PhD. Sounds “easy”. I mean – I do follow the idea of validation. Maybe validation of research is not so important in pedagogy? Because someone did it (anecdotal) it would never pass in my area as research. You need to thoroughly understand the threats of validation. I miss that. I might be too hard. I am sure the capturing of everyone’s network was a lot of work to transcribe. And maybe hard work can be rewarded. I am not dogging Kay – I think her contribution is visible. But it sure gets me to think on what we draw conclusions on.

Ok. Topic three, extra meeting. Miro – board that I so far dislike. Kay suggested that the “video of the process” would be a way to reflect that there is on-line learning. I am not sure. If you are a part of a discussion, it means you contributed something. But have I learned? Not sure. Though, it hit home that “group work” is often work distribution and then put it together in the end – not really LEARNING together. It will be interesting to see how this will go. I am supposed to lead this – four  leaders – four wills – new group. Will be an interesting journey. I have also claimed that I would focus on references. Already started – but afraid that this is again “work division – not work together. We will see how this goes.


Am I up to date? – Being there – Reflection week