My journey through the world of Open Networked Learning (ONL)

Let’s address the first question: What are the most important things I’ve learned through ONL and why? Collaboration is King (or Queen!): Turns out, learning isn’t just about going solo. Sharing ideas and working with others has been a game-changer. It’s like adding superpowers to my knowledge! The Power of “Open”: Who knew open networked […]


A Culinary Approach to Collaboration: adding some spices for a collaborative learning environment

Ingredients to create a collaborative learning environment  Have you ever had a delectable Indian meal? Then you will now it means the most amazing array of colourful and flavourful spices. In the right combination, these spices transform a simple dish into a symphony of flavours. Similarly, a successful online collaborative learning environment requires a careful […]

From a Masala Dabba to a Learning Space: A Recipe for Online Collaboration

Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning – the reflection:  What? So What? Now What? Imagine stepping into a virtual classroom, not knowing a soul. The initial awkwardness mirrors staring down a complex Indian curry recipe, overwhelmed by the vibrant spice collection. Yet, just like those spices transform a simple dish, carefully chosen elements […]


Technology “came” to me

Topic 1: Online participation and digital literacies reflection My most memorable interaction with technology was in primary school. We learnt how to switch on a computer, wiggle the mouse and right click. I was not particularly enthused as lessons were a prerequisite until a friend of mine started showing off her fast typing skills. My […]


First Cerebration #ONL241

Upon learning that I would be part of this iteration I was really very excited. I get to learn new “things”, new technologies, new people (albeit being a bit of an introvert). There was a bit of uncertainty in the beginning – almost chaotic – but not really. If you get what I mean? Organised […]


Topic 1: Infographic Poster

It takes a while for me to WANT to design when there is so much information worth exploring. Topic one had us look at what I would term as “digital literacy personal barriers to entry”. Its never easy to learn a new program. As educators it is more challenging to learn new technology in an […]

Where the wind blows – Connection week

The first week on ONL241 encompassed us introducing ourselves numerous times and being in sheer awe of what educators, creators, experiment-ors, researchers and one airport engineer passionately showing us a Singaporean airport. Mind blowing stuff I tell you! With a slight existential limp, I trudge heavy footed along. As part of PBL241 group 2, we […]