DigitiZAtion of a nation

So I asked on my Facebook what I could write about for today’s blog with the theme of education in the new era. Ironically, the only response was the lack ICT in South African public schools. Abbreviated for Information, and Communication Technology, i…

It all started in a dream

“Every day I live to dream, but in every dream, I dream of living.”Shortened to: Live to dream. Dream to live. As it is inscribed on the unders of my arms.I came up with this quote many a year ago, inspired by James Dean’s “Live as though you’ll die to…

Moving online: An Approach

The COVID-19 pandemic forced institutions to move online quickly, with little preparation. But, as weeks and months passed, two things became clear. An “emergency” approach to online learning was not sustainable or advisable, and higher educational institutions needed clarity and guidance in defining and designing high-quality online education. The issue of quality is an essential […]

Looking back at the ONL221 Journey

As we are in the final days of the Open Networked Learning course, I am persuaded to continue my journey with problem-based learning. As a learning designer, I plan to utilise the experience I was afforded through the learning opportunity to incorporate the design in up and coming projects for post-graduate programmes. Cooperative learning is […]

Learning as a Social System

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are organized groups of people who have a common interest in a specific technical or educational domain. They regularly collaborate to share information, improve their skills, and actively work on advancing the general knowledge of the domain. Healthy CoPs have a culture built on professional networking, personal relationships, shared knowledge, and […]