Cooperative Learning – Planning and Implementation

Collaborative Learning

What us Collaborative learning and what is Cooperative Learning? Often one can confuse the two, but believe me there are distinctive differences. What is Cooperative Learning?– A group of students work together on a structured activity, where the workload is split equally amongst the group members and each is responsible for their work. The groupContinue reading “Collaborative Learning”


Topic 4: Design for Online and Blended Learning

Blended learning has many educational benefits which can help to establish rich teaching presence, social presence, and cognitive presence. One of the most widely used and researched frameworks for online teaching is the Community of Inquiry. These three related concepts of teaching presence, social presence and cognitive presence lie at the core and it isContinue reading “Topic 4: Design for Online and Blended Learning”


Topic 3: Learning in Communities – Networked Collaborative Learning

Networks have a profound impact on how we learn and in this topic I have learned what a Personal Learning Network is, where everyone is a learner, teacher and a contributor. We are able to build a deep support system of colleagues, mentors and coaches by connecting meaningfully and authentically. A personal learning network meansContinue reading “Topic 3: Learning in Communities – Networked Collaborative Learning”

Lesson Learnt – Future Practice

Online participation plays an important role in successful online teaching and learning, and this has manifested in my engagement in the ONL211 course. My participation in accessing the online environments, attending webinars, writing of blogs, group discussion and collaborative work has honed my abilities as a professional in the field of education management and administrationContinue reading “Lesson Learnt – Future Practice”

The end of the beginning…

 What a journey this has been! A very special thank you to PBL10 for your insights and such differing points of view!!Despite viewing the scenarios from different angles, we managed to produce such works of educational art, that I doubt any one of…



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Looking forward to a season of learning, to be loss in the world of expectant exploration, of undefined areas of uncharted waters personally in the sea of blogs. Much like opening pandora box, unlike my defined life as a family physician.


The Power of Community– networked collaborative learning

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller. At a glance one can denote that the needs and expectations of current day learners have changed dramatically. Learning communities,are both physical and digital connections. In South Africa the cost of education is getting higher, alas learners are also learningContinue reading “The Power of Community– networked collaborative learning”