Let’s address the first question: What are the most important things I’ve learned through ONL and why?

  • Collaboration is King (or Queen!): Turns out, learning isn’t just about going solo. Sharing ideas and working with others has been a game-changer. It’s like adding superpowers to my knowledge!
  • The Power of “Open”: Who knew open networked learning could be so awesome? Free access to all the information ONL has provided us with, as well as the open education resources and other information sources all of you have shared, whilst connecting with us the “learners” worldwide – it’s like having a library that never closes and “classmates” who speak a million languages (virtually, of course).
  • The Hidden Map: It’s like discovering a hidden map with new paths to explore! Starting by the way the Topics were revealed to us, first a preliminary overview and then it unfolds with every topic, the details, reading material, scenarios and Webinars and PBL that followed.
  • Tech Time: The cool tech tools we’ve used and seen being used by other PBL Groups and in the Webinars – think collaborative platforms such as  Miro, Murial, Padlets and all the rest – open networked learning is an epic quest.

Now, let’s see how this learning influences my practice.

  • Student-Centered Focus: This ONL experience has shown me the power of putting students/learners in the driver’s seat. More opportunities for choice and self-directed learning – that’s the key to unlocking their potential.
  • Sharing is Caring: I’ll be actively sharing what I’ve learned with colleagues. Together, we can create an even better learning environment that’s “open” in some way and collaborative!
  • HI (Human Intelligence) vs AI (Artificial Intelligence):  Our fun experiments with AI was interesting, to say the least. Since AI is still in its “infancy” our final takeaway on using this in practice is: “HI” please carefully choose your “AI”

My thoughts on using technology to enhance learning? It’s a no-brainer! Imagine or rather re-imagine as we have some of these technologies already:

  • Gamification: Imagine turning learning into a points-based challenge, complete with badges and leaderboards. Learning would be so much fun, students wouldn’t even realize they’re mastering new skills!
  • Virtual Reality Adventures: Field trips to the Great Barrier Reef or exploring the pyramids – VR can take students anywhere in the world, all from the classroom.  Would love to know how we can do the same with ONL and PBL groups.
  • Social Learning Platforms: Imagine a safe online space where students can discuss ideas, share resources, and collaborate on projects. The learning possibilities are endless!

The Future is Bright: As a result of ONL241, I’m going to…

  • Become an ONL Champion: I’ll be a vocal advocate for open networked learning, spreading the word about its awesomeness.
  • Design Killer eLearning Experiences: I’ll use the knowledge and tools from ONL to create engaging and effective eLearning modules.
  • Be a Lifelong Learner: This course has ignited my passion for learning again. I’ll keep exploring new technologies and strategies to keep me abreast of online learning and Open Education Resources best practices.

This is just the beginning of my ONL and online learning design adventure! I can’t wait to see where this path of learning takes me next. Join me, fellow learners, and let’s make Open Networked Learning epic!

*A special thank you to Uni4Online and Bernadine Mons (Academic Services Manager) for giving me the opportunity to attend the #ONL241 Iteration, our facilitator Filip and co-facilitator Suzana and then last but not least – to the best PBL group members (in alphabetical order) Alexandra, Cjiveta, Dragana, Jamile and Shashank.


(Image generated by AI, 30 April 2024)
My journey through the world of Open Networked Learning (ONL)