Online participation and digital literacies

This is young Melissa in her happy place – in front of the fire with the family dog, Karl. Being an 80s kid, my sister and I didn’t grow up with computers or the internet. Research for school assignments meant going to the library, finding a book, booking it out for a little while and […]

Starting my first week on ONL221

I am from South Africa and in this tumultuous time in history, it is a great opportunity to be able to contribute to a course that focus on being connected in a networked environment with fellow learners to share and learn. ONL221 means a great deal to me as it is important to be connected […]

What lies ahead

I decided to take the scenic route to the shoot today, it was pretty. Like that kind of pretty where you almost drive off the road staring it’s so pretty. Maybe it was just different, somewhere I hadn’t been before. My brain was excited, it searched fo…


someone once said….

Someone once said “WRITE!” when I asked what I should do on a post one day… That was years ago, yet it stuck with me. Inside something shouted, it wanted to come out, it wanted touch the light and breathe fresh air. It sat there at the b…


Change is Messy

“The threat of COVID-19 has presented some unique challenges for institutions of higher education. All parties involved—students, faculty, and staff—are being asked to do extraordinary things regarding course delivery and learning that have not been seen on this scale in the lifetimes of anyone currently involved.” Charles Hodges, et al. Before we jump into this … Continue reading Change is Messy