I would like to start this final reflection with yet another story. My colleague in administration wanted to study further but not through the company as it would mean having to pay back in time and she did not want to bound. I mentioned this course and how it has shown the many free online platforms available. We looked up business administration and she found a certified course through Cambridge University. Her excitement was palpable. She’s currently in the process of finishing up the course and today we discussed the next possible course. Although this may appear to have nothing really to do with the course for me it reflects the ethos of course which translates as collaboration, diversity, and as one of the hot potatoes renamed PBL to Solution Based Education which is not just limited to the formal classroom or lecture theatre but all aspects of life. So often real learning happens through the hidden curriculum

 The most important things learnt

One of the main takeaways, and one which remains with me, is Prof Bali’s webinar which touched on activism through ONL and its potential to democratise education especially in a prevalent capitalistic global structure. I would never have been able to afford this course had it not been free and online.

Being exposed to many diverse ways of thinking was a good shake of the snow globe ushering in the new and also reconsidering old methods in a new fresh way 

Course influence on my practice

It has already influenced my practice. Especially frameworks like World café.

Also, I used to include a reflection in my projects and then dropped it but will now reintroduce them given how they make conscious what has been learnt and encourage students to take stock of their weaknesses and strengths and of course the unexpected.  

Use of technology to enhance my learning/teaching

Technology is just a tool and should be treated as such. I tend to get a bit techwhelmed however this course opened me to so many possibilities to enhance learning. I look at google docs in a new light. I have already started introducing tools like Miro for students to use in their research and presentation projects. It’s a way to really engage my students and embed knowledge

Outcome of my involvement with ONL

The course has not changed my bias about the limits of online learning. I still do not believe in prophylactic learning or screen-based learning. Learning occurs through an alchemical practice between students and guide or lecturer /teacher. That’s where the magic happens. Of course screen-based learning is necessary in certain contexts and is here to stay . However, having said that I would not have been able to attend this course had it not been online and without the generosity of European universities. And for that I am grateful.

Suggestions for the development of eLearning

I am going to take a good hard long look at my current teaching practice and revaluate as a result of this course.