I have no expectations, yet the excitement of learning something new fills me with excitement. That is my mantra that is perhaps constrained or stifled by the need to use academic language.

I hope I don’t embarrass myself. lol


Hello and Welcome to my reflective space for Open Networked Learning 2024.

I have been invited to take part in the ONL241 “thing” taking place from the 12th of February till the 3rd of May. I call it “thing” because I was roped in, convinced and encouraged to participate. I don’t yet fully understand what and why, but from the few vids it promises to be a great experience.

This “event” is describes as:

The Open Networked Learning project has developed as a response to a growing need for courses dealing with the use of digital tools for teaching and learning. Further it is a result of educational developers looking outside their own universities to collaborate within their network of colleagues nationally and internationally.  As our universities have included a clause about internationalisation in their strategic plans – this course is one way of living up to that in the form of internationalisation at home.

About ONL

For the sake of a first post, I think its beneficial to record my feelings and thoughts going in. With the hope that at the end of the process, I am able to release apprehensions, perceptions, approaches AND build on my own understanding of digital tools used for teaching and learning.

Rapid thoughts:

  • I am apprehensive about what education will or could look like with AI or digital spaces being more immersive,
  • I am curious about learning and teaching opportunities in the digital scape,
  • I feel old,
  • What do these digital tools look like? Who are they for? Access still remains a big issue for students and educators.
  • Are these advancements for “relevance” or for………….? The big why,
  • How do you get students truly engaged in digital content?

I have preliminary answers, but I hope this experience with be both rewarding and inciteful.

What is it?