Easter brings a delightful mix of traditions – the sweet aroma of hot cross buns, the hunt for hidden chocolate eggs and bunnies, and for some, the savoury indulgence of curried fish. This season also offers a chance to reflect on the concept of “openness” and the treasures it holds, much like the hidden treats of Easter.

In the realm of education, Open Educational Resources (OERs) represent a basket overflowing with freely accessible learning materials. Just like sorting through your basket of Easter eggs you will find that not all OERs are created equal. The very nature of open access allows anyone to contribute, and ensuring quality, can be a challenge. This is where our critical thinking skills come in, the ability to discern the valuable resources from those that might be less reliable.

Here’s how the Easter spirit can guide our exploration of OERs:

  • The Hot Cross Bun Test: A good hot cross bun has a balance of sweet spices and fruit. Similarly, a high-quality OER should have a well-structured presentation, accurate information, and engaging content that caters to the learner’s learning style.
  • The Curried Fish Conundrum: The South African Easter staple – curried fish, a delicious yet complex dish, requires careful sourcing of ingredients. Likewise, OERs often draw from various sources. It’s crucial to assess the credibility of the information and the author’s expertise. Look for citations, affiliations with reputable institutions, and peer reviews from other learners.
  • The Chocolate Egg Chase: The thrill of the Easter egg hunt lies in the discovery. Evaluating OERs can be a similar adventure. Seek resources with clear learning objectives, well-organized content, and opportunities for interaction or further exploration.

By employing this Easter-inspired approach, we can become discerning consumers and creators of OERs, ensuring we acquire valuable knowledge and producing quality OERs – the educational equivalent of finding that golden chocolate egg!


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A Reflection on Open Educational Resources: A Hunt for Quality amidst the Easter Bounty